What to Declutter First: 15 Things to Tackle in Your Home

by Simplify

Mia Danielle is a minimalist video blogger, who explores the topics of simplified living, decluttering, and mindfulness.

Mia says she has not always been minimalist, but rather went through a process of deciding what to keep and what to let go of. Mia describes her first steps to decluttering, so if you are thinking of living minimally but are not sure what to declutter first, here is your guide.

Mia says she used to try to use every item she owned, like a fabric or a scarf, to decorate, which made her room look gaudy. The same can be said for furniture that does not fit one’s vision or lifestyle.

Another thing that always makes a room look cluttered is cords, so organizing them is worth it despite it being hard.

As an artist, young Mia collected all kinds of art supplies that she hoped to use eventually but never did. Those had to go and find new homes. Mia also used to own lots of clothes, shoes, and makeup that she got from someone and did not actually wear.

She admits that getting rid of them was hard, but she does not miss any of those items.

What to declutter first

Something Mia found hard to let go of were photos and papers. She found it helpful to digitalize all of the pictures and documents, so they would still be available without taking up space.

Books and children’s toys were also an issue, especially those Mia hoped that her kids would eventually “grow into”, but giving them away made all the difference.

Finally, there are some things that we own a lot of but actually really need a few good ones. Those include pillows, cleaning supplies, cooking supplies, office supplies, and nail polish.

What to declutter first

“Having it does not make it valuable”, - Mia underlines. If you are looking for the best thing to declutter first, hopefully, these fifteen suggestions will come in handy.

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