How to Declutter Your Home & Avoid the "Gray Area Inventory"

by Simplify

Are you struggling to figure out how to declutter your home? Many of us have accumulated a lot of stuff in our homes over the years. Sorting through and paring it down to the bare minimum is a big task, but it is worth the time and effort. The Minimal Mom has the answers:

When sorting through your clutter, break items down into three categories; easy, essentials, and gray areas. The easy category is the obvious excess. These are items that you know you don’t use and will not hesitate to get rid of. The essential category refers to the things you use all the time and will definitely want to keep.

The most complicated category is the gray area. This category includes all the things you can’t decide if you should keep or toss. Let’s take a look at some strategies to help us conquer the gray area.

If it’s not a definite yes, it’s a no. This is a very effective approach to adopt during this decision-making process. If you’re on the fence about a certain item and unsure about whether or not you will use it in the future, the odds are you probably won’t.

Decluttering clothes

Another helpful guideline for getting through the gray area, especially when it comes to clothing, is to ask yourself if you would wear the item three times in one week. If you’re keeping a shirt because it looks nice on but it’s too uncomfortable to wear often, let it go.

When your house has only the things you need everything is easier to manage. The goal is to limit our options. Our brains get exhausted by too many options. Limiting our options will help us save precious energy.

Decluttering is a big job, but once it’s done it’s done, and maintenance becomes easy and effortlessly manageable.

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