How to Minimize, Declutter & Own Minimal Stuff

by Simplify

To reduce our clutter down to the minimal stuff, we need to find useful strategies to help us sort through what we have. Different styles work for different people.

Mia Danielle dissects the pluses and minuses of two opposite approaches to reducing excess. In working with her clients, she has found that both approaches can be useful, depending on the type of person doing the decluttering.

The first strategy involves getting clear on what matters by letting go of what doesn’t. It requires you to sort through what you have and get rid of the excess, in order to reveal the things that really matter to you.

This approach can be challenging for many in that it can be very overwhelming to go through all the sentimental belongings you’ve had for years.

This method is more of a self-exploration process. It could be a good option for someone who is looking for clarity. It also demands strength, discipline, time, and patience to go through everything.

The opposite approach shifts the focus off of the clutter and straight to the good stuff. You start by setting aside the stuff you know you want first. Starting this way tends to make the excess much easier to sort through in the end. The act of selecting gives you power instead of the power being in the hands of the clutter.

How to own minimal stuff

Identifying your most beloved and useful items first is an effective method that can set you up for success. While both approaches can be useful, people generally have an easier time using the second method.

It can be more gratifying when the focus is on what you know you love. Eliminating the excess from what is left over is simpler once you know you’ve already chosen your must-keep items.

Minimal stuff

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