Extreme Minimalism Declutter: Getting Rid of 80% of Stuff

by Simplify

Christine takes us along on an extreme minimalism declutter mission. A large closet in the basement that has been neglected far too long, became cluttered with things that are no longer being used.

The entire family gets involved in the decluttering process. They make choices regarding what to keep and what to toss. Working together, they can be sure they’re making the right decisions.

They make three piles; a donate pile, a trash pile, and a keep pile. Extra pillows and blankets are the first things to go. The kids sort through the games and toys.

Boxes of extra wires and cords that have accumulated over the years have been kept “just in case” for far too long. Pipe cleaners, ribbons, and other crafting supplies that have not been used are also thrown out.

The family goes through boxes of books. They also sort through many decks of cards, getting rid of any incomplete decks. Ironically, they also find many storage bins that are not being used.

Extreme declutter

One of the biggest benefits of decluttering is there’s less to clean. As they survey the results Christine’s husband tells her he’s been waiting for her to clean the closet for a long time. She retorts, asking why he didn’t clean it himself. He admits he didn’t know where to start. Christine responds that she felt the exact same way. Thrilled with the finished product, the family starts to consider how to use all this new free space.

Extreme minimalism declutter

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