Decluttering, Cleaning & Organization Ideas That Work in Real Life

by Simplify

Real-life decluttering projects are not always easy. You think you have enough time and energy to get them done, and then somehow, you end up with more of a mess than before you started. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Allison McPhail has just the organization ideas you need in order to clean and declutter any room in your home and keep it that way.

To get started, Allison suggests completing a series of small projects throughout the day.

First, she shows you how to tackle a cabinet in her laundry room. Hers is located right under the utility sink, and she currently stores paper, plastic, and reusable bags in it as well as a trash can that she uses for discarding dryer lint.

By removing all the items one at a time, she is able to see just how many bags she currently has, relocate some of them to different bathrooms to be used in the trash cans there, and throw away any excess bags she no longer needs.

To tap into her natural mom-life cleaning motivation, Allison sets off next to clean all of the surfaces and floors in her home. With crumbs on a highchair tray, dishes in the sink, and fingerprints on her tv stand, Allison runs around her home showing you how she completes each project.

Decluttering, cleaning & organization ideas

Lastly, she heads to her daughter’s playroom to demonstrate more of the organization ideas she has in store for you. With a cube shelf and wicker baskets in hand, she determines which items will remain in the playroom and be put away and which items will be removed.

Unexpectedly, she chooses to use the wicker baskets elsewhere and stack a few of her daughter’s favorite toys on the shelves themselves as a natural way to declutter so they no longer get tipped over.

Decluttering, cleaning & organization ideas

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To see more videos, check out the Allison McPhail YouTube channel.

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