January Declutter Challenge: Little Acts of Decluttering Every Day

If you're looking into a January decluttering challenge, you can get started with little acts of decluttering. New Year decluttering is a great way to start the year. For every single day of the month, we will do an act of decluttering.

January 1

I want you to find a drawer that is full to the brim, and I want you to try and reduce the amount of stuff you have in it.

January 2

I want you to see if you can find any gift cards or coupons and if you can use them up so that you don't have them hanging around because otherwise, you end up with a full wallet.

January 3

I want you to get rid of any old cameras. These are ones that you are not using that are not serving a purpose.

January 4

I want you to go through your wallet and see if you can reduce any business cards there. Get rid of any excess you are not likely to use or bring up.

January 5

I want you to get rid of any USB sticks or USB drives that you are not using. Check what you've got on them and if you don't need them, see if you can donate them to somebody else.

January 6

I want you to declutter any single-use plastics, such as utensils or plates, that you will not use. These might be like party supply things that you do not like to use.

Organizing towels

January 7

Can you reduce the number of towels that you have? I tend only to have a couple of towels per person because chances are one's being used and one's in the wash.

January 8

Can you clear a surface? It could be a piece of furniture making sure that the area is clean, like the dining table, a sideboard, a window sill, or the kitchen counter.

January 9

Can you reduce the amount of shopping bags that you have? I am good at having about four bags, and they live in the car's trunk so that I know I've got them ready for the food shop.

January 10

Can you reduce the number of tea towels? I have a couple in the wash and drying, and then I have a couple ready to use, so I usually have enough.

January 11

Can you go through your formal dress wear and reduce the amount that you have? See if you can sell them or donate them to a charity or to friends and family.

January 12

I want to go through hair ties and bobby pins. Can you reduce the number of little accessories you have for your hair?

Activity books for kids

January 13

I want you to go through any used coloring books

or activity books. Any that are quite used coloring pages get rid of.

January 14

Can you go through your DVDs and CDs and reduce the amount that you have?

January 15

Can you go through your makeup and reduce what you have? Have you got anything that's expired or old? Anything to do with your eyes should be replaced every six months.

January 16

Can you reduce the number of toy collections?

If you've got children, they might have a lot of Legos or dolls, anything that is a collection thing like Barbie dolls, etc.

January 17

I want you to clear the front of the fridge so that it has less clutter on the outside.

January 18

Can you clear the kitchen side of clutter, remove any appliances you're not using regularly, and put things away?


January 19

Can you reduce the amount of memorabilia that you have? If you're somebody who likes to collect things, are there any items in there that you don't love that you can sell or donate?

January 20

Can you reduce the amount of organizing products that you have? The problem is not organizing; it's the amount of stuff.

January 21

Can you go through your books and get rid of any that you have already read and do not intend to read again?

January 22

Can you go through toys as you tidy away each night and get rid of anything that you think is not being played with or damaged or broken?

January 23

Can you get rid of any things you have been given by friends or family that you don't think you will use?

January 24

Can you get rid of any old chargers that do not match up to a device or that are old that you think might not be safe anymore?

Grocery delivery

January 25

Can you eliminate anything taking up too much time in your life? For example, if you find that it's taking too much time to go food shopping and you need to free up some time, could you arrange for it to be clicked and collected?

January 26

Can you fill a donation box? Grab any storage box and see if you can go and fill it with anything you could donate to a charity.

January 27

Can you go through your clothes as you put them away and think about whether or not they fit, whether or not they suit your current style, and whether or not they should stay in your home?

January 28

Can you get into the habit of using up products so that you are not regularly buying things when you already have items at home?

January 29

Can you get rid of any expired food from your food cupboards so that you are freeing up some space?

January 30

Can you go through your friends list on social media and unfollow or unfriend anybody that you do not talk to and that you do not have a connection with? It will cut down the number of notifications in your news feeds that are irrelevant.

January 31

Do you have any items you borrowed from friends or family that you need to return? This is an effortless way of decluttering some items in your home that don't belong to you.

January declutter challenge

So there are 31 little acts of decluttering for the January decluttering challenge. I hope you enjoy the journey of decluttering over the next month. Where are you in your decluttering journey? Share in the comments below.

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