10 Surprising Ways to Simplify Your Space

by Simplify

When you simplify your space you simplify your life. We don’t even realize the way our cluttered spaces are causing stress. Let’s review some ways we can reduce our clutter and our stress with Mia Danielle:

The easiest way to simplify your space immediately is to eliminate clutter. Even if it’s just a minor decluttering, that will help. Get out as much stuff as you can.

Use simple, non-complex organizers. Don’t get seduced by the allure of complicated-looking organizing products and systems. Create easy systems that work for you and don’t require buying more.

Know your limits. For example, house plants are great but some people don’t keep up with care and end up with many dead plants. If you know you have trouble keeping plants alive, don’t let your house get cluttered with dying plants. They will only be a constant reminder of a failure to keep up with that responsibility. Accept without shame that you’re not up for taking care of plants. Buy some fake plants.

Go small. If you have options for bigger or smaller items, always go for the smaller ones. Bigger looks bulkier and detracts from your space.

Minimizing groceries

Minimize your groceries. Don’t bring too much food into your space. This will help prevent you from losing food in the back of the fridge. You also won’t be wasting produce you didn’t manage to finish before it expired.

Limit your options. Many of us don’t realize how much we suffer from decision fatigue. Keep your favorite and most curated items and eliminate as many extra options as possible.

There are so many clear benefits of having a clutter-free space. It will make you feel lighter and freer to have less stuff to deal with. Use these tips to bring you closer to your goal.

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