5 Easy Ways to Maintain an Uncluttered Home

Today we are going to be talking about how to reduce your clutter. I've got five easy ways that you can do that to make sure you have an uncluttered home.

Although I have decluttered my home, that doesn't mean that I don't build up clutter. So here are the things that I've come up with that make it much easier to keep my space tidy.

1. Have a place for everything

My first tip for how to reduce clutter is to make sure that you find everything a suitable home. Don’t just put things in random places. You really need to consider where you are putting various items so that it is easy to put them away in the correct place.

For example, putting all your charges in one container in a drawer, means you know that there is one container space, and you're more likely to put them all back in that place. This makes it much quicker when you are tidying because you can gather the same items and you know exactly where they're going to go. 

How to reduce clutter

2. One-in-one-out policy

When you bring something new into your home make sure to throw or donate an old item. This stops you from accumulating additional things, especially when you've got to the point where you've already decluttered your home.

Having a one-in-one-out policy will help you maintain that level of tidiness. An example of this is if you buy a new magazine, then another one must go.

Do you need motivation to declutter?

3. Buy multi-purpose items

Another great idea on how to keep an uncluttered home is to buy multipurpose items. This can start with basic things like clothing.

When I buy a piece of clothing, I try and think about three different occasions where I'd be able to wear that item so that I know it's a versatile piece. I tend to buy things that are able to be dressed up or down and can work in different environments. By doing this I don't have to purchase lots of different items for different events. 

This could be the same thing for cleaning products. You can buy multipurpose cleaners and disinfectants which clean a range of surfaces in your home. This is much easier and you have fewer items in your cleaning cupboard, keeping it easy to manage.

Another way of utilizing this tip is with cushions. Rather than having separate outdoor and indoor cushions, I now have a range of cushions in my living room that are also suitable to use outside.

I know that I can use them for both and I'm happy for them to stay in the front room when I'm not using them outside. When I need to go outdoors. I just take them with me.

How to reduce clutter at home

4. Buy purposeful furniture

My next tip is to have furniture that is purposeful, this can come in a range of different things. For example, my TV unit holds my TV but also has storage for other items, which means things are more contained and I don’t have to have a separate storage unit. This really helps to reduce clutter.

The same could go for shoes. You could have a storage bench in your hallway where you keep your shoes and they're exactly where they need to be, right by the door. It just makes things a little bit more purposeful.

Ways to maintain an uncluttered home

5. Follow the 1-minute rule

My final tip on how to reduce clutter at home is to follow the 1-minute rule. This means that if there's an item that you need to put away and it will take less than 1 minute to do it, as a rule, you need to just put it away.

Don't allow those little 1-minute items to build up because that's when it makes a bigger job to tidy. It just gets you into much better and healthier habits for keeping organized.


5 Ways to maintain an uncluttered home

Hopefully, these five tips have given you the motivation to declutter and will help make the task more manageable.

Comment below on how you keep an uncluttered home. I'll see you soon. Bye. 

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