10 Ingenious Ways to Repurpose Old CDs in Your Home

by Simplify

In the era of digital streaming, those once-treasured CDs can easily become obsolete relics collecting dust in your already full (or even cluttered!) home. But before you consider tossing them out, consider their creative potential first! These shimmering discs, with their holographic charm, are hidden treasures waiting to be transformed.

From garden decor to DIY art pieces, here's a roundup of some of the most inventive and eco-friendly ways to breathe new life into your old CD collection.

Stack of CDs

1. Garden Glitters with Reflective CDs

Turn your garden into a radiant haven by placing CDs around or hanging them from branches. Not only do they add a touch of sparkle, but they also double as bird-deterrents, keeping those pesky critters away from your cherished plants.

2. Shimmering Mosaic Masterpieces

Unleash your inner artist by breaking CDs into gleaming fragments. These pieces are perfect for creating intricate mosaic designs on vases, frames, or even as standalone wall art. The play of light on these pieces is nothing short of mesmerizing.

See what you can do with old CDs!

Image Credit: Merry Craft

3. Handcrafted Coasters

Give your old CDs a functional makeover! With a bit of felt or fabric as backing, these discs transform into stylish coasters that are conversation starters at any gathering.

4. DIY Decorative Mirrors

Who needs store-bought when you can DIY? Decorate the back of your CD to craft a makeshift mirror. Arrange them in patterns on your wall, and watch as they bring both style and space to any room.

Shimmery CDs

5. The Perfect Spot for Your Bling

Fasten hooks to your CD, hang it elegantly on your wall, and voilà! You have a chic, reflective holder for your jewelry or keys.

6. Plant Protectors with Panache

Position a CD beneath a petite plant pot. It’s not just an aesthetic choice — it also safeguards your surfaces from water stains, adding functionality to flair.

7. Gift Tags with a Twist

Get into the festive spirit any time of the year by turning CDs into customized gift tags. Their distinctive sheen is sure to make your gift stand out in any pile.

8. Dazzling Doorway Decor

Link CDs together vertically and let them drape from your doorway. Bathed in sunlight, these CDs transform into a scintillating curtain, captivating both eyes and souls.

9. Wind Chimes with a Whimsical Touch

Craft a celestial-inspired wind chime by suspending CDs from a circular frame. Every breeze that passes will make them dance, casting reflections that are pure magic.

Image Credit: Cut Out And Keep


Every CD is a canvas waiting for its renaissance. With a bit of imagination and creativity, these discs can find new purpose, proving once again that sustainable living and style can harmoniously coexist. Embrace the charm of the old and give your CDs a second spin!

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  • Wiiliam Wiiliam on Sep 11, 2023

    I wonder if they could be added to windows to deter birds hitting them?

  • Douglas Lohman Douglas Lohman on Oct 23, 2023

    I and 2 neighbors each hung 2 cds vertically. Whole circle on top and half moon below. They look really cool and deter woodpeckers. They don't stand a chance!