10 Unexpected Ways to Use Dental Floss

by Simplify

Welcome, fellow seekers of practical wisdom!

Let's take a moment to ponder the humble dental floss.

This hidden gem might live in the bottom drawer of our bathroom cabinets, but it silently waits for its moment to shine during our oral care rituals.

What if we told you that this unassuming tool could be your secret weapon in various everyday tasks beyond just flossing? Yes, you heard that right!

We'll uncover 10 ingenious and unexpected ways to put dental floss to work in your daily life. Let's dive in!

Dental floss: who knew it was this helpful?

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1. Culinary Conqueror

Dental floss isn't just for teeth; it can also slice through soft foods like cakes, cheeses, and soft bread without squishing or tearing them. Say goodbye to messy slices and hello to perfectly portioned treats!

Use dental floss to be ultra-precise when cutting food!

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2. Green Thumb Magic

Gardening enthusiasts, rejoice! Dental floss makes an excellent plant tie. Use it to secure delicate vines to trellises or stakes without damaging stems, helping your plants grow tall and strong.

Floss works great for gardening!

Image credit: onegoodthingbyjillee.com

3. DIY Repair Extraordinaire

Need to hang a picture but can't find your trusty wire? No worries! Dental floss can double as a sturdy hanging wire for lightweight frames. Simply loop and tie it securely for a quick fix.

Flossing works great to hang light frames with

4. Emergency Sewing Buddy

Ran into a wardrobe malfunction? Dental floss can save the day as a makeshift thread for sewing buttons, repairing seams, or even temporarily fixing a torn strap until you can get to a proper repair kit.

Dental floss instead of thread: it works!

5. Crafting Marvel

Get creative with dental floss in your crafting projects! Use it for string art patterns, create friendship bracelets, or secure embellishments like beads and feathers.

Crafts room

6. Jewelry Making Aid

Use dental floss as a sturdy string for beading projects or to secure knots in jewelry-making. Its durability ensures your creations withstand everyday wear.

Jewelry making

7. DIY Hair Tie

Forgot your hair tie? No problem! Dental floss can be twisted or braided together to create a temporary hair tie in a pinch.

Tie your hair up with dental floss in a pinch!

8. Travel Clothesline

Create a makeshift clothesline in hotel rooms or while camping by tying dental floss between two anchor points. It's lightweight and compact for easy packing.

Doing laundry while camping is a breeze with dental floss

9. Cake Decorating Helper

Achieve professional-looking cake decorations by using dental floss to cleanly cut through fondant or layered cakes. It's perfect for creating clean edges and designs.

Dental floss: Your next best cake hack!

Image credit: wikihow.com

10. Book Page Separator

Mark your place in books without damaging pages by using dental floss as a non-abrasive bookmark. Simply slide it between pages and close the book—it's gentle on paper and won't leave marks.

Open book


Dental floss is not just a tool for oral hygiene but a versatile ally in various aspects of daily life. From quick fixes to creative projects, its strength and flexibility make it a valuable resource in unexpected situations. So, next time you reach for that familiar dental floss, remember its potential beyond dental care—it might just save the day in more ways than one!

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