9 Everyday Things I Don't Own as a Minimalist

Ana Goldberg
by Ana Goldberg

I want to share with you nine things that minimalists don't own. I feel like I'm in a good place with my possessions at the moment. I used to own them, but I realized I don't need them because some great alternatives are free or cost nothing.

All the items that I'm going to mention here belong to household and personal care categories and are commonly used almost every day.

Vacuum cleaner

1. Vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is a great cleaning tool. Be it an ordinary one or a smart one, it doesn't matter. I used to own a vacuum cleaner, but I don't anymore.

Instead, I regularly wash the floor the way my grandma and great-grandma did. You might say it's pretty labor-intensive, but I prefer to think of it as part of my exercise routine and dynamic meditation. 

I also adore coziness and small rugs, and at the moment, we have about six of them in the apartment. We usually clean them outside or use our washing machine for that. It works just great. 


2. Kettle

My family has had a kettle or a similar appliance since I can remember. First, it was an electric samovar, then a stovetop kettle, then an electric kettle. It's an important part of my food culture. I drink tea at least four times daily, but usually much more. 

Now I don't have a kettle. Instead, I use a small pot and my stovetop, which works great. I have to be more patient and intentional with my tea time, but I think it's good. 

Hair dryer

3. Hair dryer

Now that my hair has grown longer, a hair dryer might be desirable, but I still don't think I need this as much. Of course, a hair dryer is an excellent tool for styling hair, for getting ready to go quickly. Instead, I air-dry my hair and style it with my fingers.

With time, when it grows longer and maybe becomes more manageable, I will try to use some old-school methods for adding volume and waviness, maybe. 

Ironing board

4. Ironing board

We don't have an ironing board, but we do have an iron. It came with our apartment. I think the previous tenants left it. I'm very thankful for that iron because I use it for crafting projects.

Instead of buying an ironing board, I use some extra towels and throws, and I iron either on the floor or on the kitchen table, which is big enough. It works just amazingly. 


5. Blender

Just so you know, I'm a hummus and homemade pate person. At first, I was pretty miserable not having a blender. I was seriously considering getting it.

Then things changed.

I realized that I'm doing just great and found many other things I enjoy eating. A blender is a great kitchen helper but can be replaced with a grater, whisk, or potato masher in many ways. 


6. Toaster

A toaster is something that Brian misses a lot, but I don't. Instead, I use my pan for browning the bread. Of course, a toaster is a great tool for some easy and fast processes, but again, doing without it is all about patience, intention, and inventiveness. 

It feels like we are forced to do and make things as fast as possible, but for what? It's great if we can invest our free time into something meaningful and important. What if we don't? Do we know what to do with our spare time? I think it's a topic for another time. 

Ultrasonic face cleaner

7. Ultrasonic face cleaner

I realize an ultrasonic face cleaner is not a very common household item. However, I used to own one as a woman with problematic skin who finds particular joy in skincare and self-care. Were the results worth it? Maybe.

Now I'm using a better alternative and much cheaper. It costs next to nothing. 

I'm using a particular evening facial routine, including self-massage, oil, and a warm damp towel. It cleanses, tones, and gives radiance, and I highly recommend it. 

Instant Pot

8. Instant Pot

I used to love my Instant Pot dearly, and I think it's a perfect item for those without a stovetop or an oven. When I had my Instant Pot, I had a decent stovetop and a great oven.

Then why did I own that thing? Because it was easier, faster, and, I guess, kind of interesting and curious, at least at first. 

Now we have one pan, one bigger pot, one smaller pot, stovetop, and oven, and it's just enough. I don't need an Instant Pot anymore. 

Things minimalists don't own

9. Fitness bracelet 

I used to have one, and it was a gift from my brother, who is a lot into all kinds of gadgets and technologies. I wore the fitness bracelet for about a year, but then I got tired of tracking myself fitness-wise, and it's just my personal subjective opinion. 

I'm a self-employed creative, and it's already stressful every given day. I'm holding myself accountable for every action and every decision that I make.

Adding extra pressure with a fitness tracker is something that I don't really need. Instead, I make sure I exercise at least 30 minutes a day, and I walk. 

Also, modern smartphones have a ton of inbuilt functions, so, at the moment, it's just enough for me. 

Things minimalists don't own

These are all things I don't own as a minimalist. I don't own all these things for reasons beyond personal preferences and minimalism. It's also about money.

We don't have any certainty at the moment, and we have no idea where we will be by the end of the year. So investing money in things that we won't be able to take along with us is useless. I learned how to live without all those things. 

Every person has a different comfort level as to what they can do without. Share in the comments what you have, what you don't have, and why. It will be interesting to see what people don't buy.

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  • Ruth Ruth on Aug 01, 2023

    Sorry, I do not agree with most of your choices:

    1, Vac is a God send for me, makes it easier to be able to thoroughly wash the floor as I did in the old days, my mother and grandmother before me. Can reach up to clean walls, curtains, ceilings too! Plus it can reach under the furniture, beds etc.

    2, I have a very cute, very efficient, appealing Ceramic teapot on my stove, always ready to use, does not take up much space and it looks better instead of an ugly looking pot.

    3, My hair dryer and curling iron do not take up much space on my vanity door, cannot stand straight hair, not appealing on me!

    4, Love, Love my ironing board, will never part with! I am a seamstress, quilter, love to sew, and one needs an iron and ironing board if you do these things, no wrinkles, everything precise. Besides my ironing board was my Grandmother’s, it is over 100 years old, wood, easy to maintain and fold, plus it is the right height for me unlike these idiotic adjustable metal ones!

    5, use my toaster all the time, agree with above reply, I f I was by myself I would use a toaster oven as I once did, that was great!! Just like my crockpot, it uses less electricity than putting a roasting pan in the oven for those one pot meals! Easier to clean, too, plus I really loved mine to have a meal ready when I got home from work, or knowing my family had a meal ready for them if I had to work late or I went to college nights.

    BUT as for a blender, (do not make margaritas), NO GOOD EXCUSE TO HAVE ONE!

    FACIAL CLEANER?? Seriously, what a waste of $$$

    and never heard of a Gym bracelet, WHY?

  • Tracey Tracey on Aug 13, 2023

    How do you get rid of a vacuum? I’m like completely at a loss for words right now I still have nice carpet in three bedrooms, dining room, living room and hallways, I’m not doing away with a high quality vacuum because I love carpet and I love my Labrador even more ! Plus I even vacuum the entire house and everyone in my life has always commented on how clean my house is. Yes you have to mop i understand and I do. My house is sanitary and clean. As far as a toaster I love my toast. To each their own was I say. But here’s the thing I always find… I am not a hoarder at all but millennials always have a different perspective on these things. Not sure if you mentioned clothing but I still am a fashion enthusiast that has clothing from high school that’s the bomb vintage and I’ve never changed sizes and styles from today. I’m 59 and pretty set in my ways! 😊