5 Foods I Have Stopped Eating as a Minimalist

Samurai Matcha
by Samurai Matcha

Hi all! Today I would like to introduce 5 foods that I have stopped eating since I became a minimalist. I am also going to share with you what I have been eating and drinking instead of these. Let's get started with this minimalist food guide.

Substituting honey for sugar

1. Sugar

Due to the negative effects that sugar can have on our health, many people have recently started living sugarless lives, and I am one of them. However, sometimes I still crave something sweet, so I tried various alternatives to replace sugar.

One is honey - a natural superfood. I use it instead of jam. Another one is Cobon. This is a natural yeast beverage. It is as sweet as honey but contains over 15 times more natural yeast than honey. Drinking it activates your intestines.

The third product is dates. I have been addicted to dates recently. They are so sweet and delicious that it is surprising that there is no sugar in them. They are also organic and nutritious. I put two of them in smoothies every morning.

Japanese sweets and snacks

2. Japanese sweets and snacks

Honestly, Japanese sweets are delicious. However, they also present a risk, as they contain a lot of dangerous ingredients. For example, famous Japanese potato chips contain a cancerous substance called Acrylamide. In the United States, they come with a disclaimer about the possible risks. Instead of those, if I really want something sweet, I eat dates.

Adding dates to soy milk as a sweetener

3. Milk

In the past, I would drink milk simply out of habit. When I drank it, however, I would get stomach aches, so I gave it up. I decided to use soy milk instead. The taste is lighter than milk, so I sometimes adjust the taste by adding dates. Having switched to soy milk, my stomach feels much better.

Drinking matcha instead of coffee

4. Coffee

Coffee was also a long-standing habit. However, like milk, sometimes I would feel sick after I drank it. I also could not sleep because of the caffeine. So, I took the plunge and stopped drinking coffee recently. Now I drink matcha or green tea instead.

Just like coffee, matcha contains a lot of caffeine, but it also contains an amino acid called L-theanine, which counters the negative effects of caffeine. Therefore, I can be calmer after drinking it.

Healthy minimalist food habits

5. Cheap Cooking Oil

I used to use cheap cooking oil because it was economical. However, I learned that when cheap oil is heated, a highly toxic substance called hydroxynonenal is produced. Consuming such a product is dangerous, so I stopped using it. Now I use olive oil to cook.

Minimalist food habits

What you eat out of habit might not fit your body that well, so I recommend reviewing your eating habits once in a while. I hope my experience will help you, and feel free to share your own observations in the comments.

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  • Mary Mary on Sep 16, 2022

    I enjoy your list but had to look up Cobon. Now I know. You did not mention breads, and I know the list can get extensive, but I am concentrating on sourdough breads as opposed to white. What are your thoughts?

  • Mconn1971 Mconn1971 on Jun 09, 2024

    Dates are FULL of sugar

    • Maryann Los Maryann Los on Jun 09, 2024

      I think he means he does not use refined sugar, not a naturally occurring sugar such as is found in dates.