10 Little Minimalist Hacks That Will Change Your Life

by Simplify

Sometimes it can be hard to keep our homes and lives organized. Slice of Light is here with ten minimalist hacks to declutter your life. These hacks can help you live more minimally and simply.

The first hack is to keep out-of-season clothes in storage. This minimalist life hack makes it easier to organize your closet and less stressful to select appropriate clothing in the morning.

When you move things in and out of the closet as seasons change, this is a chance to declutter. As you move items to storage, think about if you want or use them. This can make it easier to downsize your closet seasonally.

If it’s hard to make decisions and get rid of items, you can use gateway storage. Put the “maybe” pile of clothing in storage for a few months to see if you actually end up missing those items. If you don’t, it’s easier to let go of them at that point.

Use temptation bundling for mundane tasks; Pair things you enjoy with tasks you don’t like as much. For example, save certain songs or podcasts to listen to only while cleaning the kitchen. This minimalist hack can get you looking forward to doing chores because you associate them with the things you enjoy.

Teach your brain that wearing or using the same items is okay. We are hardwired to enjoy novelty, but we can reteach ourselves to enjoy and appreciate the things we already own just as much as new things.

Make daily tasks easier and more efficient, to make time and space for other things in your life.

Decluttering a house

When decluttering, use positive reinforcement and positive thoughts. Instead of focusing on what you want to get rid of, focus on what you want to keep. This is a chance to curate the life and the belongings you want. For example, throw your clothes on the bed and build your outfits and wardrobe, while decluttering your closet.

When you move from room to room, or floor to floor, a simple minimalist life hack is to always bring something with you that goes in the other room. This gives you a clearer space and makes tidying more manageable.

Have a spot on each floor for items that belong on a different floor. That makes it much easier to grab items and follow the tip above.

The last minimalist hack is to reduce task switching. Research shows that switching back and forth between tasks slows you down and increases your cognitive load. Do things one at a time.

Minimalist hacks

These minimalist hacks can make keeping your home organized and decluttered easier. What tips do you use to keep a tidy, clutter-free home? Let us know in the comments.

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