One of the Biggest Minimalist Mistakes People Make

by Simplify

Diving into minimalism without mindfulness can lead us to common minimalist mistakes that can impede our progress. It’s important to examine nuances around words like tidying, cleaning, and decluttering. To use these strategies effectively we need to truly understand them.

Tidying is putting objects away, cleaning involves washing a space, and decluttering is eliminating objects from your space. Decluttering requires setting aside a chunk of time while tidying is done regularly.

It’s also important to slow the stream of items flowing into our homes. Technology, advertising, and fast fashion, all contribute to the streams of stuff flowing into our homes. Ignoring the step of controlling this stream is like treating the symptoms instead of getting to the root of the problem. Acknowledge and address the incessant influx of objects.

Examine your shopping habits looking for patterns and triggers. Take note of mistakes you make repeatedly. Are you a sucker for a free item? Do you shop when you’re sad or bored? Figure out what is driving your need to shop or collect and approach the cause directly.

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Often, we shop to avoid negative emotions or to feel better about ourselves. We’re filling some void. Acknowledge and examine this void. Greater awareness around the issue will help you address it.

Communicate your goals with people you trust. Social pressure is a powerful motivation tool. Talking about the principles of minimalism will help you stay motivated and hold you accountable. Arguing for something aloud will motivate you to make sure your actions are aligned with what you’re saying.

Self-reflection will help you reduce the flow of stuff. Examine your habits and feelings in order to address the emotional distress that may be driving poor decisions. Treating the root of the issue will help you find contentment and gratitude for the things you already have.

Minimalist mistakes

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