Creative Minimalist Storage Solutions That Cut Down on Clutter

by Simplify

Dawn from The Minimal Mom is into living with less and using creative minimalist storage solutions to make the home beautiful and livable. Her minimalist storage solutions help her cut down on clutter. Here are some of her top tips and tricks.

Most people store Tupperware and other kitchen storage containers by stacking them. Dawn recommends not stacking them, but storing each container with its own lid on it.

This minimalist storage idea has a number of benefits: you don’t lose the lid, it’s super easy to grab a container, and it takes up more space in the cabinet, which keeps you from overbuying kitchen storage. The more storage containers you have, the more food is rotting away in the refrigerator.

Dawn’s kitchen has some awkward and deep cabinets. For these, Dawn uses a sturdy basket to keep things from falling to the back and getting lost. When she wants something from the cabinet, she can pull the whole basket out, find what she needs, and return the basket to the space.

A minimalist storage solution in Dawn’s office area is a “time will tell” bin. Dawn uses this bin for paper clutter that she doesn't know if she will need or not. Items that she does need, that require action go on the “to do” clipboard.

The “time will tell” bin is only for papers that she might want to use in the future, but isn’t sure about. Later, she can throw out the things that were obviously not needed.

Minimalist storage solutions

Dawn keeps a “donate” box in her closet. That makes making decisions to give up items easier. It also makes donating items easier, as she can literally grab the whole box and bring it to a giveaway center.

If you have too much children’s clothing, they often end up all over the floor. Dawn prevents this in her sons’ bedroom with small plastic under-the-bed containers.

For the girl’s clothing, there are small cube storage bins and a hanging closet. Instead of folding or organizing clothes, the kids can throw whatever clothes fit into the bins. Once the bins are full, it means there is too much clothing.

Minimalist storage solutions

Minimalist storage solutions can keep the house looking great and promote a minimalist lifestyle. What are your favorite storage solutions? Let us know in the comments.

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