30 Things I Don't Buy as a Minimalist

by Simplify

Minimalism as a lifestyle suggests reducing one’s belongings to the absolute essentials. This helps keep one’s house clutter-free, produces less waste, and obviously saves money.

YouTuber Mia Danielle shares her list of “30 things I don’t buy as a minimalist”.

1. Labels or label makers

2. Printer paper or ink. The digitalized world barely ever requires you to print things out anymore: just sign papers with an e-signature, and scan them with your phone.

3. Filing supplies. Mia just uses one big folder for all the documents.

4. Plastic water bottles

5. Sponges. Mia prefers using brushes, that serve for longer and don’t get as icky.

6. Physical media: DVDs, CDs, etc

7. Cable box or streaming boxes

8. Coffee filters

9. Souvenirs

10. Room sprays. Out of all the things designed to give one’s home a pleasant smell, Mia has found that essential oils work best.

Room spray

11. Picture frames

12. Artificial nail stuff

13. Random jewelry

14. Hair products that aren’t shampoo or conditioner

15. Pantyhose

16. High heels. Why buy something you don’t feel your best in?

17. Cheap flip-flops

18. Tanning products

19. Cheap gloves, beanies, scarves

20. Bobby pins, safety pins, clothes pins

21. Teeth whiteners

22. Shaving cream. Shampoo, soap, or conditioner work just fine.

23. Filler meds: Visine, Peroxide, Vaseline. Mia buys meds when she has the immediate need for them, and for wounds, she uses antimicrobial soap and Neosporin.

24. Baskets

25. Handbags

26. Jewelry boxes

27. Makeup cases

28. Makeup mirrors

29. Ribbons or bows

30. Car accessories

Things I don't buy as a minimalist

So these were 30 things minimalists don’t buy, or at least Mia Danielle doesn’t. Would you add anything to the list? Leave a comment.

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To see more videos, check out the Mia Danielle YouTube channel..

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  • Mary Smith Mary Smith on Jan 20, 2023

    I don’t buy paper towels anymore. I use old washcloths or tee shirts to clean with. I wash and reuse them.