Never Have I Ever: 27 Things I Don't Buy To Keep My Life Simple

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I want to share with you a list of things that I don't buy or own and never have. Think of it as a “never have I ever” game involving stuff.

These are all things I would consider to be fairly typical common purchases that are made among average American citizens.


1. A boat or any type of watercraft

I live in Minnesota. There are lakes and bodies of water everywhere. It seems like almost every single person we know owns some sort of water toy, whether that's a boat, a canoe, a kayak, or some sort of jet ski. We haven’t found a need to own.


2. New car

I've never bought or owned a new car. We buy used cars and pay in cash. That means we've never bought anything super fancy, but the fact that we don't have a monthly car payment makes up for that in our book.

3. Camper

I've never bought a camper. I know people who love their campers and get a lot of use out of them. We would never use it enough to justify the cost.

4. Seasonal sports passes

I've never bought season passes for sports teams, museums, or amusement parks. I don't like the idea of losing money if I don't use it as much as I thought I would.

5. Timeshares

Even though we do occasionally go on vacations, I don't like the idea of always having to go to a set destination because you have a timeshare.

6. Amazon Prime

I've never bought or owned an Amazon Prime membership. I do buy things on Amazon, but I like to just keep things in the cart until I reach that threshold where you can get free shipping, and then I purchase.

7. Monthly subscription boxes or kits

Think HelloFresh, Green Chef, or even Kiwi Crates. I've just never tried them.

Canned foods

8. Big box stores

I don't own a big box store membership such as Sam's Club or Costco. We don't tend to buy in bulk. I also think I’d get too tempted to buy things I don’t need when I see deals. I don’t want the temptation.

9. Storage unit rentals

I drive by these types of buildings often, and I always have that feeling of gratitude that I don’t need them in my life.

Setting table

10. Cloth table linens

I just find it easier to clean off the table when there are crumbs or spills than to wash the linens.

11. Seasonal yard decorations

I don't want to store them and I don't want to hassle with setting it up. It’s just another thing I’d rather not deal with.

12. Indoor plants

I've never owned artificial plants or indoor plants. I don't want the extra responsibility of keeping plants alive or dusting artificial plants.

13. Diaper genie

I never bought a diaper genie or any specialized garbage receptacle for diapers. It was just another expense I could not justify.

14. Trampoline

I know too many people who have broken bones on them. I’m apprehensive about buying something that might end up costing me more money in hospital bills.

Doing laundry

15. Colored socks

I tend to gravitate towards either white or black only. This started as a way to make it easier to find pairs, and it just really helped streamline my laundry process, so I stuck with it.

Kitchen utensils

16. Rice cooker

I have never bought or owned a rice cooker. I'm just not a foodie. I like to keep my kitchen really minimal.

17. Instant pot

I don’t have an instant pot. I’ve never felt I needed one. I have an oven and a stove. It just seems unnecessary to have multiple appliances like instant pots and air fryers.

18. Stand mixer

I have also never bought a stand mixer. I don’t need another bulky item taking up space in my kitchen.

Doing dishes

19. Anti-fatigue floor mats

This is something on my list that I haven't bought or owned yet, but I might consider in the future. I have considered purchasing one because I do spend quite a bit of time hand-washing the dishes. I just haven’t found one I like.

20. Smartwatch

I've never owned a smartwatch because it seems like a duplicate of everything my smartphone can do. Maybe it’s more convenient but it feels unnecessary for me.

21. Bathrobe

Bathrobes do look cozy, but I've never owned one in my entire life.

22. Shower cap

My hair is long. I can just tie it back if I don't want it to get too wet.


23. Makeup remover

I use a mild baby wash for a variety of things. I use it as my body wash, shaving cream, and makeup remover.

24. Nail polish, manicures, and pedicures

I've never bought fingernail polish, a manicure, or a pedicure. I am sensitive to fumes, and the polish itself gives me a headache.

25. Teeth whitening powder or strips

These seem to be very popular. I personally have not seen the need for it. I think my teeth are naturally pretty white.

26. Essential oils

I've never bought or owned essential oils. I don't know much about them and I’m not that interested.

27. Hair dye

I am starting to get some gray hair but I’m okay with that. Coloring your hair requires a lot of upkeep, and it just doesn’t seem necessary for me at this point.

Things I don't buy

I hope you enjoyed reading about the things I don’t buy. This is not meant to be a list of things that you should not buy. We all need to make our purchasing and owning decisions for ourselves and our individual circumstances.

We all have to find ways to save money on the things we don’t really need so we have money for the things that enhance our lives.

What things don't you buy? Comment down below!

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  • Andre Page Andre Page on Dec 01, 2023
    GelPro Mats... (Get the "Elite" version) You will thank me later ;-)We have a couple at work and whenever I walk by, I just stop and stand on it for a few minutes.. Ahhhh!
  • Candy Ash Candy Ash on Dec 01, 2023
    Kiwi Co is a very good option for sending educational toys to grandchildren far away. My great-granddaughter looks forward to them every month!