How to Use Minimalist Home Hacks When You're Not a Minimalist

by Simplify

If you’re tired of tripping over toys and constantly staring at folded laundry, Kallie Branciforte has just the home hacks you need to get your life organized. While she doesn’t run a minimalist home herself, she has learned many lessons from the minimalist movement over the years and has turned them into life hacks for any home.

Wonder how to become a minimalist at home without donating all of your stuff? Kallie suggests focusing on flat surfaces first. She says that it’s easy to load flat surfaces with things that don’t belong, and clearing those spaces leads to more tidiness and the appearance of having minimalist home decor—even if that’s not exactly true.

Next, Kallie recommends that you search for duplicate items in your home and get rid of them. She says you tend to hold onto multiples because you think you might need them later on, but usually, you don’t. So getting rid of two kitchen utensils or two raincoats will help you declutter easily.

Then, learn to stick to a budget. By only making intentional purchases of items you truly need, you’ll save money. Plus, you’ll naturally have fewer items in your home.

Minimalist home hacks

To get even more accomplished, Kallie says another home hack you should implement is to pare down your possessions regularly. Minimalism rarely happens all at once.

Instead, minimize frequently. And if you ever question whether or not you should get rid of an item, Kallie says to put that item in a box, date it, and donate it six months later if you never ended up using it.

Furthermore, you want to always remember your why. Tapping into your intrinsic motivation to have a tidy home is far more productive than feeling trapped by overwhelming chores.

Lastly, these home hacks aren’t complete without letting go of perfectionism.

Minimalist home hacks

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