8 Super Easy Minimalist Home Hacks

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I want to share with you some minimalist home hacks and give you some practical advice on ways that you can simplify every room in your home.

I will go through this list one room at a time, outlining just a few hacks for each space. There's nothing complicated about these. They're just simple swaps that can be made in any home to help ease homemaking and make life run more smoothly.

Kitchen utensils

1. Minimalist home kitchen

I made it a point to go through all of our items and see which ones were duplicates and served the same purpose as another item. Another way that I've simplified in the kitchen is by corralling all of my most used items in one central location.

I won the battle of Tupperware by getting rid of all of it. Now I keep these simple glass storage containers that each have their lid. They come in three sizes, which I have found to be perfect, and all I need size-wise for any leftovers.

Bathroom storage

2. Minimalist bathroom

One hack that we are utilizing in our master bathroom is our basket system. We have two baskets at the bottom of the custom vanity my husband built. One is essentially a hamper and the other stores clothes that have been worn once but are clean enough to be worn again.

I believe shower curtains are much simpler to keep clean than glass shower doors. I have found it extremely easy to unclip the shower curtain and liner and throw them directly into the washing machine to get them very clean.

For those who don't have built-in shower niches to hold your shampoo and soaps, a small basket placed in the corner of your shower keeps everything in a nice, tidy, compact spot.


3. Minimalist home bedroom

Have kids share bedrooms. Though I think it's best to completely keep kids' toys out of bedrooms when they are very young since they can distract them from sleep.

Once kids get older, try to incorporate toy and book storage that is very well-defined, making it easier for them to keep their rooms organized and picked up.

For adult bedrooms, a simple hack that can make the room feel more peaceful and pulled together is incorporating nightstands with closed storage. We all have things that we like to have handy next to the bed, and open shelves can wind up looking cluttered very quickly.


4. Living room

Use standard-size pillowcases and pillows for your accent pillows on your couch. What I like to do is fold a standard-size pillow in half and then put it on a pillowcase and tuck the extra up into the fold of the pillow. You don't have to buy a bunch of accent pillows that can be expensive and hard to store.

Another living room hack has to do with furniture. Choosing furniture that can be moved into various arrangements helps to keep this well-loved space from becoming stagnant and boring. Keep a basket of blankets in the room when you need more warmth and comfort.

Storage baskets

5. Minimalist home dining room

In the dining room, my biggest tip is to use the dining table as a place to dine. It's great that a single piece of furniture can be so versatile, but we must always be mindful not to allow it to become a storage space.

A simple way to ensure the table can be cleared off and ready for family dining is to keep a small shelf, cart, or basket nearby so that projects can be transferred there when it's time to gather and eat.

My second hack in the dining room is to ditch the rug. Not having a rug underneath your table makes it simple to quickly clean up crumbs and spills without messing with the rug.

If you're like me and recognize that certain pieces are only used once or twice a year, and you're sick of storing them, switch to all-white dishes and serving pieces that can be used year-round.

Clothes storage

6. Clothes storage

Moving on to the places where we store our clothes, our closets, and our drawers. One of my best minimalist hacks for this category is to keep a set number of hangers in your clothes closet so that you know how many items can comfortably fit in that space. If you want to purchase a new item, one of the hangers needs to be available for you to do so.

Another tip is to keep all seasonal clothes available at all times. I always like to have everything available to me because I can layer with them. I also have it ready for me as soon as the weather changes.

Another easy hack to keep clothing in drawers tidy is to fold everything vertically and group it together using inexpensive plastic containers as dividers.

Laundry ball

7. Minimalist laundry area

A few things to discuss in the laundry space: I have switched to wool dryer balls instead of fabric softener dryer sheets. You throw a couple of them in the dryer with your clothes as they dry.

Another hack is to store your laundry basket in the dryer so you don't have to take up space on your countertops or your shelves in your laundry room.

Lastly, if you stick to less fussy clothing fabrics that can all be washed together on a cold cycle, you can throw your dirty laundry directly into the washing machine and save yourself a step of needing to use a hamper.

Miscellaneous item storage

8. Miscellaneous home hacks

If you don't have a dedicated home office or garage workspace, I suggest finding a drawer or a small cabinet to utilize as a utility area. I caution against calling this a junk drawer or a junk space because that lends itself to chaos and disorganization.

Another simple thing you can do is hang up your musical instruments. We found that by hanging our musical instruments on the wall, we use them more often because they're readily available.

For games and puzzles, I'm a huge fan of having these items stored vertically rather than horizontally because it makes it much easier to see what's available and even easier to grab the item you want without causing a huge avalanche if all the boxes were stacked.

Minimalist home hacks

That is my list of minimalist home hacks. I hope you've been able to get new ideas for your home.

If you have a hack you've been using at home, leave a comment below and tell us what you do in your home.

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