Why We Use Cloth as a Frugal & Sustainable Toilet Paper Alternative

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by That Hippie Family

I'm coming to you from my throne in my new tiny house bathroom. I live in a tiny house, so I always try to conserve and reduce waste. One way to reduce a significant amount of waste is to use toilet paper alternatives. I chose to use cloth toilet paper and haven't been disappointed.

I thought it would be a great time, especially during these crazy times that have included toilet paper shortages, to talk about why I don't use toilet paper and what I use instead in our house. For almost two years, we have been using cloth toilet paper.

What is cloth toilet paper?

What is cloth toilet paper?  

I used an old fleece blanket that I was longer using, and I cut it into little squares, about 6 inches by 6 inches for each square. You can make it whatever size you like.

I prefer to use the fleecy kind of blanket because it doesn't fray at the end. You can use cotton or anything you like, but you may have to sew along the edges to keep it from fraying. 

Using fleece for your cloth toilet paper is fantastic because it is so soft. It's much nicer on your tush than paper. We don't have any complaints there. 

Why use cloth toilet paper? 

We use cloth toilet paper in our house because we believe it is more sustainable. It has also become a fantastic money saver. We haven't spent a dime on toilet paper in almost two years. We believe that for us and our lifestyle, this is what works best for us. 

When you use a composting toilet, they also suggest not to use or throw toilet paper in the toilet because it doesn't decompose as fast. I also use cloth pads and period panties for my time of the month, so I'm already used to washing cloth and how that works.

Choosing to go with cloth toilet paper was an easy decision. I'm not grossed out by using cloth toilet paper. It was more about "how we do this", not "do we do this because I don't know anyone else who does". 

How to use cloth toilet paper

How to use cloth toilet paper

When we're on the toilet and need a piece of toilet paper, we take it from a basket on the side of the toilet.

Toilet paper alternatives

What to do with cloth toilet paper after using

After I'm done using my cloth piece of toilet paper, I simply put it in my wet bag, which is lined so that everything stays dry on the outside. You have no leakage or anything. We get our wet bags from Colbert, a Canadian company. I use tons of their products. They are very sustainable and have many options and cute patterns too. 

I close up the bag and put it back in the closet. Now, what do I do when my bag is full? I open it up, and I dump it into the washing machine. I don't see it. I don't smell it; I don't feel it. I don't have anything to do with whatever's inside the bag. I just wash it, dry it, and put the clean ones in the basket beside the toilet.

You don't have to worry about rinsing it or doing anything yourself. Simply throw it in the washing machine, and the washing machine will clean it right up for you. I recommend using hot water to be sure to kill bacteria. 

I love using cloth toilet paper. We save an average of $300 a year. I don't know how much people have spent on toilet paper in the last few months. It's a lot more enjoyable to use fleece than it is to use paper because it's a very soft cloth wipe.

Cloth toilet paper alternative

People have used cloth diapers for generations, and using cloth as a toilet paper alternative is no different. I highly recommend trying out cloth tissue for your bum today. You'll be happier, and you'll be saving money while living a more sustainable lifestyle.

Let me know what you think of this toilet paper alternative in the comments below.

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  • Trudy Trudy on Jun 19, 2023

    We have inexpensive bidets on our toilets going into septic system. We only use toilet paper with BMs. Since we rinse with water first, mostly only use enough tp to pat dry. I use ( only female in house) cotton flannel squares after urinating and washing with water. We save a ton on tp and with the bidet rinse your bum is truly clean. Sorry but I don’t want to mess with washing any poopy cloths but that is me.

  • Annie Annie on Sep 06, 2023

    I think it is gross and would never do this,OMG