5 Ways To Save Money As A Dog Owner

Owning a four-legged best friend is wonderful. Soft fur to pet, gentle eyes that gaze into your soul, a walking companion, and someone who is always exuberant when you get home.

Unfortunately, owning a dog can also become pricey quickly. Here are our favorite tips to make life with your dog both inexpensive and insanely fun!

Training From YouTube

You don’t need to enroll for private in-person dog training. The internet offers a vast array of free training instructions. From YouTube videos on leash walking over easy and advanced tricks all the way to instructions that even let you compete in dog sport trials or teach you how to become a dog trainer, you can find anything you need with a little time online. A lot of online forums offer advice on any training issues that might pop up.

Used Crates From Craigslist

If you are planning on crate training your dog, purchasing a brand new crate can be pricey, especially for a large breed. The good news is that most dogs eventually outgrow their crate – once housetrained, they simply don’t need to be crated as much or at all.

Before buying a new crate at the pet store, check your local craigslist or Facebook marketplace for used crates. You might just find one that’s in perfect condition and only costs a fraction of the store-bought ones.

Low-Cost Vet Clinics

As long as your dog is healthy and doesn’t get injured he won’t need any vet care besides his annual vaccinations. These however can easily become pretty expensive when combined with an exam at a high-end vet clinic. Low-cost vet clinics and spay and neuter events are often sponsored by your city shelter and will be just as good of an alternative. As long as you make sure to keep up with the annual schedule, where exactly your dog gets his shots doesn’t make a difference to him – but definitely to your pocket!

Making Treats

Buying training treats can quickly become pricey. The good news is that your dog doesn’t care whether his treats come from the pet store – or your kitchen. A lot of human-grade food can easily become your dog’s favorite treat. Try for example small slices of hotdogs, string cheese, or bologna. Many dogs enjoy these even more than the store-bought stuff because they are fresh and free of any filler ingredients.

Grooming Apprentice

Some breeds such as Doodles need regular grooming which can be time-consuming and inconvenient to do at home.

Taking your dog to the groomer, however, will run upwards of $50 – for large breeds of dogs that need specific hairdos even $100 or more.

An easy alternative is to ask if the grooming apprentice could tend to your dog. Many grooming companies regularly have new workers who will groom your dog for a fraction of the usual price. The new groomers are not only more affordable but will also usually take a lot more time to care for and spoil your dog. A win-win for everybody.

Enjoy your four-legged friend and all the fun you have together!

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