10 Clever & Easy Ways to Save Money That I've Learned

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by Created for Eden

Are you looking for super easy ways to save money? I’ll show you 10 of the best and clever ways to save money that I’ve learned. Start these tips today and start saving today.

1. Make your coffee or tea at home

I rarely, if ever, go through a drive-thru to get any type of drink. I’ll make a decaf latte or keep TAZO teas stocked up in my fridge to grab and go. You’ll save money and use reusable cups–a win-win.

Once in a while it’s fun to sit at a local coffee shop to chill, read, or work, but I do that as a treat only, not a habit.

2. Make a grocery list

If I’m hungry or don’t make a list before I go grocery shopping, I’ll spend more money than anticipated and food is wasted because it goes bad. A list helps me stick to what we will actually eat in a week.

If I notice we ran out of something, like butter, I’ll jot it down on our grocery list. In addition, before shopping, I look in my cabinets to see what I can use to make a meal so I’m using up what I already have and nothing goes to waste.

3. Take your bike or walk

This is applicable to people who live in the city or suburbs where things are close by versus the country where everything is very spread out. You’ll save gas money and get exercise while you’re at it.

Refillable water bottle

4. Bring your own water

We strongly dislike paying for water. We have five reusable water jugs and if so, we refill at a fountain.

5. Ask friends or family before buying something

If you have to buy something that you know you’ll only use once, like a special occasion outfit, try to borrow it. Be a little more intentional to ask to borrow before wasting money.

6. Use what you have

I’m guilty of this. I’m highly organized, but sometimes it works against me. For example, we have dish towels for five years that are sort of stained, and I don’t love the color anymore, but they’re perfectly fine.

In the past, I’d get new dish towels. Instead of spending $20 to $50 on new towels, I will just use the ones I have till they wear out even if they’re not cute or perfect anymore. That’s okay because they are functional.

7. Cancel a subscription you don’t use

Spending $10 a month on a subscription totals $120 a year. Do you use a subscription on a daily or weekly basis? Are you getting enough value out of it to where it makes sense for you to keep paying for it?

If not, cancel it. What are you waiting for? That money could be going to something much more valuable.

Packing snacks instead of buying

8. Buy snacks in advance

Don’t buy snacks at a gas station when you’re on the road. The prices are crazy! Even if you’re going on errands around town, pop a snack in your car or bag if you get hungry–there’s no need to spend money at a fast food restaurant or gas station.

9. Shop secondhand

I’m a huge thrifter. I’ll keep a list of what I need so I know to look when I’m at my local thrift store. Thrifting is so good for your wallet and for the world. Almost 95 percent of our family’s clothes come from thrift stores.

The rest comes from a local shop or an online small business that I support. I can’t buy cheap clothes anymore…where are they coming from? Sweatshops that I can’t support. If I buy new, I want something of better quality that’s handmade from organic fabrics.

10. Make a budget

We have a Google doc that will list our budget for the month. I put on that document literally every single penny I spend. The document is also categorized, for example with headings like household goods, baby supplies, groceries, personal items, gifts, and giving.

It helps my brain to know where my money is going and not wonder where our money went. I can look back and see exactly what we do with our money.

Easy ways to save money

Those are 10 easy ways to save money. I hope you’re inspired by even one of the ways to save money. Let me know if any of these 10 ideas speak to you and if you have any ideas to add to the list that you use.

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