How to Combat the Cost of Living Crisis: 18 Simple Tips

by Lizzy

We know 2023 is probably going to be a difficult financial year for most, including ourselves, and that means that we could all learn a thing or two on how to combat the cost of living increase.

So we're going to continue doing what we do to tighten our belts, repurpose items, reuse them, and stretch things out to make the most of our money.

To help you do the same, here are our 18 best tips for how to combat the cost of living crisis.

Cooking carrots and potatoes

1. Eat less meat

Meat is very expensive to have on the menu, but a lot of people don't want to go without it, and that includes our family.

So what I do is stretch out meat by adding in grated carrots, lentils, beans, or oats. They still add flavor and nutrients, but not the extra cost.


2. Use small glasses

When serving my daughter a glass of juice or my husband a glass of wine, I use smaller glasses, which encourage them to drink less but not feel like they're missing out.

We stretch beverages even further by adding sparkling water.


3. Repurpose old duvets

When we have an old duvet, we line the top of our mattress with it, which really makes our bed warm and snug in the winter. If the duvet is really old, then it goes on to be pet bedding.

Bread and water

4. Fill up on bread and water

Having a husband and daughter with a really good appetite, I always serve bread and water with meals. It helps fill them up, and they can eat until they’re content.

Shaving legs

5. Extend the life of disposable razors

If I'm using a disposable razor, I clean out the blades with a needle after each use. I also put a little bit of oil on the blade since it stops it from rusting quite so quickly.

Opening can

6. Keep oil from canned fish

If you like fish that's been stored in oil, keep the oil. It's fantastic for putting on rice dishes, pasta dishes, or even stir-fries. You get a real fishy flavor without actually having fish.

Rubber gloves

7. Put rubber gloves to work

If you have a pair of rubber gloves that are beyond repair, save them. Rubber gloves tend to pick up hair, and they're really good for picking up dog and cat hair that your vacuum cleaner has missed.


8. Maintain machinery

We clean, descale, and oil any type of machinery that we have within the house. And that's anything from the kettle to the distiller, electric razors, hair trimmers, irons, hair dryers, and straighteners.

By maintaining them regularly, they'll last longer.

Christmas celebrations

9. Entertain at home

Rather than going out for a meal with friends, we'll entertain at home.

Not only does it work out cheaper, it's a lot more creative. We get to make some fantastic meals. We play board games. We have a movie night. And my husband shares his new homebrew.


10. Reuse garbage

If you have to pay for trash, find a way to reuse as much of it as you can.

Food scraps can be turned into compost and old newspapers can be used for making paper maché. Plus, strips of cardboard can be used for writing shopping lists and small plastic bottles can be used as washing bowls.

Night-time shopping

11. Shop at night

The later you shop at night, the more discounts become available. Even if the items have a very short shelf life left, you can always freeze them.

As long as you've got room in your freezer, most of the short-date or out-of-date items are absolutely fine.

Meal planning

12. Collect cheap recipes

Have a collection of cheap, staple recipes that the family likes.

Once you know you've got five, six, or seven different recipes that all the family enjoys, you can start experimenting by changing around the ingredients. Tweak the recipe and make it just that little bit more economical.

Free stuff

13. Look for free items

Type free items or free stuff into Google and find things in your local area. Whether it's free food, free items for around the house, or free things for you and the family to do in the local area.

The internet is a remarkable resource. So use it for every bit of money-saving you can do.

Sliced canned meat

14. Slice foods cold

If you have canned meat, bring it to room temperature, so it slides easier out of the can.

But then, pop it on a dish and put it in the fridge for a couple of hours. Because once it’s time to slice it, you can cut it a lot finer.


15. Cut pizza with scissors

Another way to combat the cost of living increase, and make your pizza go further, is to use a pair of kitchen scissors instead of a pizza cutter. You can cut slices of pizza more easily, and a lot smaller, just by using a nice pair of sharp kitchen scissors.

Cracked plate

16. Microwave properly

Don't cook directly on your glass microwave plate. Make sure you have a plate or a dish in there as well. It acts as a line of protection, so the glass plate doesn't get too hot and ends up cracking.

Also, when you finish using your microwave, make sure you dry any condensation off so it doesn’t rust.

Needle and thread

17. Mend clothing

Become your own clothes doctor. Repair, stitch, knit, and reattach buttons. Do whatever it takes to repair very small faults in clothing rather than buy new items.


18. Change your mindset

A positive mindset is crucial. Whatever your situation is now, it's never too late to improve it.

Don't focus on the negatives. Focus on what you can do because there's always something productive you can do that can make tomorrow a lot brighter.

Cost of living

Cost of living

If you have any cost of living tips that you would like to add, please do so down below.

Any frugal living things that you are doing to help you get through this current cost of living crisis are not only helpful but they’re appreciated!

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  • Diane Diane on Oct 14, 2023
    Excellent video and advice!
  • Janice Downey Janice Downey on Oct 14, 2023
    I save leftovers (vegetables mostly) in a special container in the freezer. Later, I add contents into crockpot and simmer on low. And since Its technically done and fully seasoned, it will be the best soup ever.😌 * Add meat if you like and a grilled cheese sanwhich on side, it will be awesome!