See Inside This Earthship to See How They Live in Harmony With Nature

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Francis and Marie have created their dream life inside their Earthship home. They dreamed of living in harmony with nature and their Earthship allows them to live off the grid. With solar power, rainwater, a garden, and a greenhouse, they have everything they need to be self-sufficient.

Collecting rainwater

The Earthship was built 30 years ago by the original owner. He built it solely using rocks and wood from the surrounding land. The house is 1,076 square feet with an additional 377 square feet for the greenhouse which they also use as a living room and dining area.

There is a small bathroom with a shower and composting toilet in the greenhouse and a second bathroom with a composting toilet in the shed outside.

The garden is 2,691 square feet. It produces more than enough fruits and vegetables to live on. The fruit cellar in the Earthship provides a space to preserve excess fruit for the winter.

This family freeze some of the excess produce and also make jam. The greenhouse inside their living room creates a pleasant earthy atmosphere while simultaneously filtering the air.

Francis and Marie have a wood stove and an Amish cook stove for cooking and heating. Multiple water collecting systems allow them to live off rainwater alone. Instead of complaining when it rains, they celebrate it as they depend on it for water.

They developed a deep appreciation for the sunshine for providing their solar power. It strengthens their connection to nature, being dependent on the elements.

Inside an Earthship home

Francis and Marie achieved their goal of self-sufficiency. Their Earthship allows them to live in nature and feel connected to the earth.

Living off the grid, they have more time and money to do the things they love, like traveling and creating organizations to help others learn to live in harmony with nature.

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  • Ingrid Blom-Mello Ingrid Blom-Mello on Nov 17, 2022

    Novel ideas, but most people don't have a garden bigger than the square footage of the their home (including the shed). Also, children need a safe place to play while growing up. There are many uses for a yard. Collecting rainwater is illegal in some areas.