This Couple Are Living & Traveling in a Cute Ambulance Conversion

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Kam and Ty are traveling the country in their ambulance conversion, lovingly named Tofu, doing seasonal work along the way in order to finance their journey.

Kam and Ty have always wanted to travel, but found themselves working two jobs just to pay the rent. So they saved up, bought a van, and now travel the country while finding seasonal work on farms and in bars and restaurants in order to pay for their travels. Kam also sells her jewelry and Ty does tattoos for friends to earn some extra cash.

Their tiny home on wheels used to be an ambulance

When you walk into their ambulance conversion, there is a side closet, which is the one part they kept from the original ambulance interior. Kam and Ty worked hard to alter the parts of the ambulance that didn’t appeal to their aesthetic sensibilities. They framed the opening to the ambulance cab in order to make it look cute because they didn’t like that it looked like a hole in the middle of the wall. They also added an insulated window cover so they wouldn’t get heat from the cab in the back.

The kitchen is compact but functional, with a sink and fold-up counter space in the kitchen.

The ambulance tiny home is full of art from Kam’s family and photos of Ty’s nephews, so they take family with them wherever they go.

The van has a full-size mattress and; the bed is stationary. They used to have one that would be put away every day when not in use but found it too annoying. There is extra storage at the end of the bed, with bins for socks, clothes, and electronics. Kam and Ty made sure to put in plenty of storage throughout their ambulance camper conversion, with overhead cabinets and even a junk drawer! There is also an external closet for shoe storage.

Because they travel a lot in their ambulance tiny home, including some off-roading, they upgraded the tires.

Kam says that if you’re living the van life with a partner, it’s important to communicate because you’re living in such tight quarters that you will inevitably get on each other’s nerves sometimes and it’s ok to need your own space or boundaries.

Ty adds that he’s met many people on their travels who said they regret not doing trying out van life when they were younger, so he’s glad they didn’t wait.

Ambulance conversion

Together, this young couple in their ambulance conversion is showing that even on a low budget, traveling is still possible.

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