How This Single Mom DIYed a Camper Van Into a Dream Home

by Simplify

Bathsheva and her daughter, Sarah, live full-time in a cozy, self-converted van in California.

The DIY camper van has everything they need including a queen-sized bed, a two-burner stove, and a large sink that doubles for dishes and a shower. The garage on the back of the van holds plenty of storage space for extra supplies, tools, blankets, beach items, and emergency batteries and other needs.

The van is powered by a solar system including four solar panels on the roof, an inverter, and batteries.

Bathsheva gives you more glimpses into how she makes this single mom’s van life work for them!

When Covid-19 began, Bathsheva closed her meal-planning business and planned to buy and convert a school bus but instead bought a van.

During the van conversion, they didn’t live in the van for a year. After the conversion, they moved right in.

Bathsheva designed the DIY camper van interior to include plenty of drawer and box storage for everything from food to clothes and documents. She turned one drawer into a pantry to keep dry food.

Bathsheva and Sarah share a queen-size bed. When Bathsheva was designing the buildout, it was important for her to design a play space for Sarah. The play area is under the bed and it also includes a dog bed for their dog, Chilli.

Living on the road in a camper van

Sarah has all her toys here, including dolls, books, and board games, so she isn’t missing out on play time while enjoying van life. Sarah and her friends hang out in the playroom during playdates, too.

Though Bathsheva wishes she could travel more, Sarah goes to school so they stay nearby on school days. But on weekends and breaks they travel as much as they can. 

Van life can be a unique childhood experience and they love sharing their journeys with others on Instagram and Tik Tok.

It can also be exciting to travel this way with your child. Let us know if you think you could live as a single mom in a van! 

DIY camper van

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  • Bobbi Chandler Bobbi Chandler on Feb 21, 2023

    I've always wanted to do something like this! My daughter is an adult so I just need to save up and do something like this. See the country and I wouldn't even have to make hotel reservations and all that usually goes with cross country travel. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • E E on Feb 21, 2023

    How do you deal with washing up? and washing clothes?