Family Van Life: Living in a 2006 Sprinter Camper Van With a Baby

by Simplify

Family van life can be challenging, but the freedom it offers makes it all worth it, according to Christian, Maci, and their adorable toddler, Naya.

Originally Christian and Maci lived in L.A. but found themselves constantly working in order to pay $2,000 a month in rent, leaving almost no time to spend with each other.

Maci started looking into living in a converted school bus. They tried one but it didn’t feel right. However, when the couple traveled to Florida in Christian’s mom’s van, they realized that they loved the van life.

The van build is simple but efficient. There is upper storage, a simple sink, a propane stovetop, and a fold-out extension that acts as part counter space, part dining space. There is a small fridge, and fold-out magnetized kitchen drawers to prevent things from flying out when the van is on the road. The living room/bedroom has a comfy IKEA couch across a wall that you can project movies onto, then unfolds into a bed at night.

Family van life can be a challenge. Nya has to be in a car seat while Christian and Maci are driving, and there is no way to see her when they are in the driver’s seats. So, they installed a camera so that they can check in on her via video, even when they’re in the other part of the van.

Making sure the baby is in the car seat

In order to support themselves while they are on the road, Maci sells some of her artwork and creates videos about their journey, but mostly devotes herself to being a full-time mom. Christian performs handyman services for different customers that he finds through the TaskRabbit app.

Basketball is very important to Christian and they have a fold-up basketball hoop that meets the 10-foot height regulation requirements! He has a non-profit, Build Baltimore, which is dedicated to refurbishing Baltimore’s basketball courts, and urges others to take their own steps to fix problems they see in their own communities.

Family van life

The challenges are well worth it, though. Christian and Maci love the freedom that comes with van life for a family of three, and especially the time it allows them to have for each other.

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