7 Things You Need For a Tiny Home With a Baby

by Simplify

Life in a tiny home with a baby can be a challenge. Cramped space and a squirming infant can be a difficult combination and navigating the crawling phase with only 500 square feet of space is even more so.

However, Jenna and her partner are learning how to adjust to having a baby in their tiny house, and have some advice to share with other tiny home families as well.

Living in a tiny house with a baby, there’s not enough space for all of the equipment babies usually need: changing tables, high chairs, playmats, and more. In this video, Jenna recommends some tiny house baby essentials based on her real-life experiences as a tiny house expert and a new mom.

First up is the tiny house baby crib. Jenna needed something that could be folded away when the baby was not sleeping. The flisko travel bassinet has a side zip that can be used to get the baby out without needing to bend over in a low-roofed sleep loft and can be stored during the day, or used as a playpen. Jenna uses it to create safe play spaces for Juniper in different areas of the home. 

Another great way to create safe play spaces in a tiny home with a baby is a modular foldable playpen that can be made bigger or smaller depending on the need and can also be flexible to accommodate unique room layouts. The playpen can be stored when not in use. 

If the baby gets bored, they can be entertained in another foldable—and therefore, easily storable—item: the BabyBjorn bouncer. Many babies find the rhythmic bouncing soothing. 

A retractable baby gate can keep your baby out of no-go areas, like the kitchen, while the tiny house loft net can give you an extra sense of safety if you’re worried about the baby sleeping in a loft.

When it comes to feeding, the Primo folding highchair can be folded away and easily stored when not in use; it easily fits in the gaps and small spaces that are a key feature of tiny home living. 

When mealtime is over, Jenna recommends the Hoover OnePWR Evolve Cordless Vacuum for picking up all those crumbs and sweet potato smudges that babies love to leave around the house. At less than 9 pounds, it is especially useful postpartum when some moms might find it hard to lift anything too heavy.

Tiny home with a baby

Things you need for a tiny home with a baby

Although raising a baby in a tiny house is a challenge, Jenna shows that with a little bit of work and creativity, it can be an amazing adventure for both mom and dad—just make sure to pick the right products along the way.

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