6 Tiny Home Space Saving Ideas You Need To See!

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Owing a tiny home comes with some challenges. Planing out some space saving ideas is a must and there are some things you just don’t think about. We’ve got 6 ideas you need to see that just might help you when organizing your tiny home.

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Few things could be as cool as living in your own place, one that you’ve worked hard to get and earn. Problem is, sometimes that home isn’t exactly your dream home; sometimes it’s a bit further than that. You find yourself in a tiny place marking the beginning of your life as an adult, and it’s probably not how you expected your first quarters to be.

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Most people who are in that situation make the mistake of assuming that just because they have a small home, it’d be like living in a jail cell. The truth couldn’t be further from that. That’s why discovering new and exciting tiny home space saving ideas is essential!

You could easily turn that tiny place of yours into a little haven, a place you could really call home without having to feel awkward about it and without having to worry about having people over. All you need is a little creativity, planning, and hard work. These are some of the ways you could save space in your home without having to blow a piece of it away.

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Storage is key when it comes to saving space in any residence, big or small. Most people end up having too many junks that they don’t really use regularly. That’s why it’s best to store away anything that can be stored. You need a little creativity to store thing away; for instance, use understairs storage ideas, which would save much space from your place. You need to also make the most of your wall space. If it’s portable and can be easily held, pick it up and put it in the cupboards. Try not to leave much space on the walls, because you’d be surprised how much can get stored in cupboards on walls.


Foldable furniture

In the vein of storing as much as you can from the house to make up some space, you need foldable furniture. Everything needs to fold in order to save space. Nowadays you can get tables and chairs that fit into a shelf! Literally, everything you want, you can get in a foldable design. There are even tables with self-storing leaves to make room for storing and folding. The possibilities are endless really; you just need to be patient and look for options –– yes, your furniture doesn’t have to be a couch from Ikea.

When you mention foldable furniture, you have to talk about a sofa bed. They’re not all as bad as you see in the movies; there are some really fancy ones out there. You need to find an elegant sofa that compliments the décor of your place, who just happens to fold into a bed for you or someone else to sleep on at night.

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Creative designs

For a small home, you need to get a bit creative with the design of the place. For instance, if you have stairs leading to a second floor, make them hollow wooden ones that contain drawers. You’d have hit two birds with one stone, having normal stairs to different levels and at the same time, the stairs are drawers to store anything, from clothes to normal junk.

Your stairs can be used as a bookcase if you happen to be an avid reader with plenty of books. This would save the ton of space you need to build shelves for the books. This is one of my favorite tiny home space saving ideas, and I plan on using the space under my stairs for an upcoming project too.


You can install shelves in unorthodox places like having some over the washer/dryer to hang the laundry and ironed clothes. This creates some space because most people don’t think of it.

Play with the outline and colors

You’d be surprised how much a simple thing like painting a room in a white could make it feel much larger than it actually is. You can also add windows to the place because they help eliminate that whole feeling of congestion within the place. We have three bathrooms in our townhouse and they are on the smaller side, so this year, I have plans to paint them all white in hopes that gives them a larger appearance. I’m excited to move forward with this project and will keep you all posted as to how it turns out.

I recently added extra vanity wall mounted mirrors in the hopes to give them a larger feel too, and that worked out great! There are lots of creative ways to make rooms look larger than they are.

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Use the outdoors

Adding furniture outdoors always helps make the place feel more relaxed and lively because you won’t be spending your entire time in the same one place all the time. Plus you’d get to enjoy the outdoors while you’re at it, which is always an added bonus. Indoor tiny home space saving ideas are perfect for outdoor living too!

Keep it simple

At the end of the day, the simplicity of the place makes a whole lot of difference about how it looks. You don’t need large, flashy pieces of furniture for your place to be elegant, and all they’d do is crowd an already small place. Avoid using a large sofa in your tiny home. It might be tempting because large sofas can be super comfortable.

So skip the appearances and focus on function and mobility, because that is what you need to save space in a small place. That means choosing a piece of furniture that looks ok but has different functions over a really good-looking piece of furniture that only serves on purpose. Discovering tiny home space saving ideas is always worth noting and can save you lots of money and a potential headache too!

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