Everything You Need to Know About How to Build a Tiny Home

by Simplify

The owners of Tru Form Tiny know a lot about how to build a tiny home. Based in Eugene Oregon, they built over 300 tiny homes in the last 5 years alone. Inside their facility and shop, you can see tiny homes of all different kinds, in a variety of stages of completion.

The business is owned and managed by husband and wife duo Jen and Malia. Jen has a background in construction and building. Malia comes from a fine arts background.

Together they create unique, beautiful, functional designs. Malia comes up with design concepts and brings them to Jen who tells her what is possible from a construction perspective.

Customers have the option of picking ready-made designs from the website or working with Malia to fully customize their space. They offer two types of recreational vehicles.

There is the Travel Trailer, which is smaller, making it simple to latch onto a car and take anywhere. Then there’s the Park Model which can be over width and over height but might require permits on roads in certain areas.

How to build a tiny home

There are two different styles to choose from. The Country Craftsman and the Urban Modern. The modern look plays with shapes and has cleaner straight lines.

It has a little less symmetry. When it comes to the placement of windows, for example, they might not be equal in size or right next to each other. The Craftsman has more symmetry. They have a lot of heavy trim work. Windows are the same height and sit in line with each other.

How to build a tiny home

As an artist and a builder, Jen and Malia have very high standards. They refuse to compromise on quality. They build with high-quality materials. With great care and attention to detail, each tiny home is a little piece of art.

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