Everything You Need to Know About RV Water Filter Systems

Did you know that water at campgrounds and RV parks can be contaminated? Drinking from this water can be dangerous to your health. So today, we're going to talk all about RV water filters.

Contaminated water in the United States

I discovered something shocking about contaminated water! Take a look at this map that shows all the contaminated water in the United States.

Contaminated water is a major issue. And natural disasters like floods, fires, droughts, and hurricanes, alongside aging infrastructure, are exacerbating the problem. 19.5 million United States residents get sick from contaminated water every single year.

Scientists estimate that over 200 million Americans (more than half the country!) have contaminated tap water. Yet, 71 percent of Americans drink straight from the tap. 

RV park water contamination is a major issue

When it comes to RV park and campground water, sometimes water contaminant issues are readily apparent. RV park water can be unclear and smell and taste bad, 

But, even when the RV fresh water is crystal clear, it can still be hazardous. Crystal clear water can have dissolved contaminants that you can’t see.

I use a Berkey RV water filter in my RV. The Burkey RV water filter takes care of filtering our drinking water. But, an ordinary RV water filter doesn’t provide clean water for other uses, such as brushing teeth, and even showering.

Why play Russian roulette with your health, and assume the water is safe for brushing teeth and showering? 

The Blu Tech R3 RV water system

I needed a solution for our RV fresh water woes. I needed an RV water filter that would be small enough to fit comfortably in my RV and would be quick and easy to set up.

Blu Tech R3 RV water filter system

I found a solution – the best RV water filter. I wish I had discovered it, the Blu Tech R3 RV water filter system, years ago.

The Blu Tech R3 RV water filter is small, portable, and lightweight. It weighs only 13 pounds – about half the weight of other RV water filter systems. But, it’s not flimsy. The canisters and connections on the RV water filter are made from stainless steel. The Blu Tech R3 RV water filter is hardy enough to be left outside.

The Blu Tech R3 uses a three-stage RV water filter system. Each filter on the Blu Tech R3 RV water filter system lasts four months, and it connects easily to the RV water hose.

The Blu Tech RX system

The Blu Tech RX system

Blu Tech actually has another water filter system, the Blu Tech RX system. The Blu Tech RX system is geared towards the needs of boondockers.

It has a 12-volt water pump that you can throw into a water source, like a river or lake, to get endless quantities of filtered water. For RVs with more storage space, there is a mountable version that can be permanently installed into the RV.

Getting set up

Here’s how to set up the Blu Tech R3:

Securing the water filter system to the RV

1. Secure the system

Secure the system to the RV. I am using the cable lock system to attach the system to the RV’s front jack for more security. 

Plugging the hose in

2. Plug the hose in

First, take the connector and screw it into the RV water hose. Then plug the hose into the water system. 

3. Run the water

The Blu Tech R3 RV water filter system comes with brand new filters that are already installed. However, you do need to run water through the system for 60 seconds to wash out dust from manufacturing. This step only needs to be done the very first time that you install the system.

Connecting the filter to the RV

4. Connect the filter to the RV (optional)

First, connect the short hose to the Blu Tech R3 RV water system. 


The best RV water filter system

Connect the other side to the RV by feeding the RV water hose through the hose access and using the right-angle hose adapter to screw the RV water hose into the RV.

5. Turn the water on

That’s it! The Blu Tech R3 is super easy to set up. 

Tasting the water

Now, let’s taste the water. What does it taste like? It has a good flavor. And, it comes with the security of knowing that the water is clean! Thumbs up on the taste test! 

When you are brushing your teeth, it’s nice to know that the water is clear and it won’t make you sick.

Sanitizing the pipes

RV users should know that it’s important to sanitize the RV water tank and pipes once a year. Full-time RV campers will need to sanitize the tank and pipes even more often. 

The best RV water filters

Stay safe out there. Drink only clean water. And remember to “Enjoy the Journey!” How do you find clean water when traveling? Let us know in the comments below!

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