When Her Tiny Home on Wheels Crashed, She Moved to Tiny Tranquility

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After her first tiny home crashed while being transported by trailer from North California to Oregon, Brenda had a tough decision to make—eventually choosing to move into a Tiny Tranquility home that offered a lot of charm.

She jokingly refers to this new, and very unique, tiny home as 2.0 And she is now settling in well to Tiny Tranquility, a tiny house and vintage RV park located in Waldport, Oregon.

Crashed vehicle being towed

Her 24-foot trailer home has enough space for a great area with 5-foot bench seating, a long drop-down table made out of acacia wood, and lots of cubbies for storage.

Brenda says this area of her Tiny Tranquility home in Oregon, in particular, feels like such a bonus space for her since her previous home was a bit smaller than this one and did not provide such a cozy living space.

Her most prized possession these days is a tiny house bar which she salvaged and now uses to host happy hours for residents in the park.

Brenda also says that she loves to complete projects and buy souvenirs on her travels so she loves the cozy, lived-in feeling of her home. She admits that she is anything but a minimalist. But strangely enough, her tiny home doesn’t look cramped or cluttered at all.

Displaying all of her favorite things, Brenda proudly shows off things like custom art pieces, watercolor handbags, and a guest book for those who visit her home.

Sadly, Brenda’s Tiny Tranquility home adventure first started as a result of her father dying and her disabled mother being left behind and taken advantage of by a guardian.

After spending six months trying to discover the best way to take care of herself and her mother, Brenda read a book on tiny homes and was inspired to live tiny from here on out.

Moving to Tiny Tranquility

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