Why They Decided to Stop Living in a 1987 Jeep Comanche

by Simplify

Life in a 1987 Jeep Comanche provided Jim and his wife with many travel adventures together.

The jeep conversion was DIY-ed by Jim himself, allowing the couple to save money on the build, though it also meant that they learned things by trial and error along the way.

They converted a jeep into a living space

In 2019, Jim and his wife were in Boise, Idaho, when they knew that they wanted to travel before deciding where to settle down. They bought a jeep with the goal of adding a camper, but the engine blew up, so instead of buying a camper, they purchased another jeep, and then Jim went to work combining the two jeeps and building them out to make them habitable.

Jim already had experience working on jeeps from high school and experience living in small spaces from working on a boat in Alaska, so he came to the project with an advantage.

As you walk into the jeep, there’s a fold-out table and an upholstered bench with under-bench storage.

The kitchen has a deep sink for washing dishes, with an extendable faucet that can go through the window and be used for outdoor showers. There is also a two-burner stove. Jim originally had an oven in the jeep but got rid of it to save space when he redid parts of the build; he still regrets getting rid of the oven and thinks he would put it back in if he was re-doing the build again.

The kitchen also has an 85-liter SnoMaster fridge with under-fridge storage and magnetic strips for storing knives so they don’t fall when the Jeep Comanche is in motion.

Living in a jeep comanche

When Jim’s wife became pregnant, they decided to move into a more traditional living space before the baby was born. They moved out when she was eight and a half months pregnant to make room for their new member of the family.

However, they’re still happy for their time on the road and grateful for the fun experience of living in something unique that they built themselves.

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  • Walt Walt on Oct 04, 2022

    Well, the name Jeep came from the military designation of GP, for General Purpose vehicle... So, I suppose this is a "general purpose", right?

  • SacredCowBBQ SacredCowBBQ on Jan 25, 2023

    OMIGOSH! 8.5 months pregnant before they move out. The pioneers would admire her.