Awesome Sprinter 4x4 Van Conversion: Tiny Home Tour

by Simplify

Rick built a van into an adventure DIY camper van!

He gives Patrick from New Jersey Outdoor Adventure a tour of his mobile house. Rick designed and put together every inch of his DIY camper in his own creative way.

First, Rich bought a 2017 Mercedes Benz Sprinter van. It took a few months for the van to arrive, because he had custom ordered it to have the back stripped of seats and internal components.

Once the van arrived, Rick got to work custom designing his own DIY camper.

He calls the front part of the van his “greatroom”, because it's a room and it’s great.

The seats in the greatroom are swivel seats, so that the drivers and passenger seats can be used for driving or can swivel around, so the occupants can sit at the lagoon table, relax, hang out, or use the computer. There are also a second set of transit seats on the other side.

The area has a lot of storage, including an overhead compartment. The ceiling has an L-track system for hanging bags from it, but Rick also likes to hang pull up bars from the L-tracks and use them to work out. All the wooden panels that decorate the DIY camper are held in place by industrial strength Velcro.

The gallery area is for cooking. Since Rick enjoys spending time in the kitchen, he has a full two burner stove. But, since space is also limited, the oven is used for storage when he isn’t cooking in it. The sink comes with a water tank and a pull out hose. The kitchen also features a fire extinguisher and an apartment-sized refrigerator.


Rick designed the bathroom with a porta potty and a small shower. There is a ceiling L-track in the bathroom for hanging wet clothes, a hot water heater, and a water tank.

In his bedroom, Rick has a queen bed and a skylight above his bed. He likes to climb through the skylight to the van’s roof and watch the sunset. The TV in the room is on a swivel, so it can also be seen from the greatroom.

There is a crawl space from inside the van to the truck (which makes accessing it in cold and snowy weather much easier), but the trunk also opens from the outside. In the trunk, Rick has a custom, slide-out bike rack and another L-track for cargo.

Rick used to be a commercial fisherman and he stills loves traveling. He also loves to build. In fact, he is looking for a buyer for his DIY camper van, so he can sell this one and get to work designing another.

Would you live in a small camper van? How would you set it up? Let us know in the comments.

Sprinter 4x4 van

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