Inspiring 400 Sqft Tiny Home Tour

by Simplify

Brian loves to travel and he loves community. He is able to pursue his passions and interests from the comfort of his nearly 400-square-foot tiny home. Come meet Brian and his tiny house.

Brian’s been interested in the tiny house movement since its infancy. He remembers following the story of tiny house pioneer, Jay Shafer, who traveled the US in his trailer home selling his tiny home design.

Brian also started a Facebook forum on his own to discuss tiny house infrastructure.

His favorite thing about living tiny is community. Brian considers that people who are willing to live in small homes are more open, outside the box, or interested in living on their own terms.

This common interest connects communities, and Brian has become closer friends with his neighbors than he ever did when he lived in suburbia.

In addition to befriending his neighbors, living in a tiny house community has helped Brian become proud of his own interests and personality. He used to hide the fact that he lived in a tiny house community from others, so they wouldn’t think him strange.

After realizing that people were actually interested in his experiences, he started speaking about it.

Brian’s home is 399-square-feet. The reason for this is that anything above 400-square-feet gets taxed like a home.

When Brian isn’t living in his tiny home, he’s outdoors or traveling. Brian has room in his small space for a bike garage with a hoist and a cozy front porch with a sunshade and a firepit. The firepit actually functions as a coffee table as well, with the addition of a few tiles.

In addition to his bikes and his home, Brian also owns a BMW motorcycle, which he uses to travel light.

He also has a 2003 Volkswagen Eurovan with an indoor space that holds a freezer, microwave, and lithium ion battery setup, in addition to a queen-size bed and a bicycle.

Brian was very inspired by a friend in Dallas who told him over drinks, “The one thing I learned in life is that the more stuff you own, the more your stuff owns you.”

This inspired Brian to downsize, get rid of stuff, and move into a tiny house community.

Would you like to live in a tiny house community? Do you think you own your stuff, or does it own you? Let us know in the comments.

400 sqft tiny home

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