Discover How This Travel Nurse Lives in a Cargo Trailer Home

by Simplify

Neal is a traveling nurse living in a cargo trailer home. He and his girlfriend travel the country for his work, living in their trailer. Their tiny home brings stealth camping to a new level.

Neal did all the carpentry, converting the trailer on his own. Building it took about 2 months and cost a total of about $20,000. The 32 feet long home on wheels has a 7 by 14-foot trailer. It has solar power, via 18 panels that slide open from the top of the truck and trailer.

Cargo trailer home

Inside, the couple has everything they need. The kitchen is equipped with all the standard appliances. They even have a microwave and an air fryer. A propane-powered cooktop hides in a drawer that slides open when needed.

They wanted a full sink but that didn’t leave much counter space to work on.

As a solution, he has a wooden board that he puts over the sink to create more space. When not in use the board is secured with magnets on the refrigerator. He also built a flip-up countertop connected to the door.

The floors are heated, and there’s an AC unit as well. A pocket door separates the living space from the sleeping space. The bed is a futon so it can be used as a couch also. They keep their clothes stored in a closet above the bed. There are no windows, so having a drop gate rear is convenient. Using it as a porch doubles their living area.

Cargo trailer home

The trailer is a great home for Neal and his girlfriend. Switching jobs every few months can be harrowing, so it’s great to know he can always be at home, wherever he is. This tiny home offers all the convenience and comfort the couple needs.

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