Take a Tour of This Unique Ambulance Conversion Into a Camper

by Simplify

YouTube channel New Jersey Outdoor Adventures interviewed John, known as The Capable Caveman, who lives in a converted ambulance. He started ambulance conversion to a camper last August and began to live in the ambulance five months before the filming of the interview in June.

John says that during the ambulance conversion, he tried not to take anything out, but rather to add things. For one, he uses the seat that came in the ambulance as an armchair. The bed flips up to free up space during the day and give access to all the storage compartments, which are plentiful in an ambulance.

Parked ambulances

He turned one of the compartments into a kitchen section, where he keeps his food. He cooks all his meals on a cast iron pan. John also built a sink based on a stainless steel bowl.

To give a new look to a formerly clinical interior of the ambulance, John installed vinyl wood on the walls. The ambulance has heat and air conditioning, as well as plenty of lights, most of which John admits he does not use. For energy needed to charge his devices, he uses little solar panels.

Outside, there are plenty of storage cabinets, too. This is where John keeps his tent, umbrellas, tools, etc. In general, the amount of storage is the main benefit that John sees in converted ambulances compared to regular vans. They are also always made of quality materials.

John made the decision to live in an ambulance to start enjoying his life and traveling instead of working hard to pay for a house.

Ambulance conversion to camper

For people who are now considering ambulance conversions, John’s advice is not to go overboard with stuff right away, but rather to take it slow and see what they truly lack once they start living out of the ambulance. John thinks everyone should try this kind of lifestyle, at least to find out if it suits you.

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