Take a Tour of This Rock Climber's DIY ProMaster Camper Van

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Gabby is a woman on a mission, and her mission just so happens to be living in a 2018 Ram ProMaster camper van nicknamed Vincent Van Gogh. Drawn in by her love of nature, mountain climbing, and practicing yoga outdoors,

Gabby completed her entire DIY ProMaster camper conversion with tools she rented from the Berkeley tool library and a few helping hands—everything she needed to start living on the go.

Living on the road in a van

The number one goal Gabby had while undergoing her DIY ProMaster camper van project was giving herself plenty of open living space.

According to her, she wanted her entire home to feel breathable and expansive while still being practical enough that she didn’t feel the need to complete chores constantly, like making her bed every day.

If you’re looking to get started on a DIY ProMaster conversion like Gabby, she recommends putting a lot of intention into your design so that you can continue living your lifestyle regardless of outside conditions.

For Gabby, this meant having enough space to teach yoga inside when the weather isn’t cooperating and locating her refrigerator inside her bench seating, which keeps it in place while traveling on unpaved roads.

Her ProMaster van also includes a G30 amp-hour charge controller and a 1000-watt inverter for solar power, lots of storage spaces located throughout, and a Shurflo pump in the kitchen.

Plus, she has clean water and grey water tanks and a small space heater under the kitchen sink. While she may upgrade someday, these items work fine now.

Lastly, as an Ayurvedic health counselor, Gabby also made sure to have a two-burner propane stove so that she could continue cooking nourishing and grounding meals regularly inside her ProMaster camper van, even when she’s on the go since being on the road so often can feel ungrounding at times.

DIY ProMaster camper van

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