How They're Living in a 2021 Airstream Classic With a Baby

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Can you live in an airstream with a baby? Married couple, Lauren and Daniel, say the answer is a resounding yes. And you should definitely consider it too.

In fact, not only do Lauren and Daniel live in a 2021 Airstream Classic with their baby, Dash, they both work full-time and travel around the country in it too. And they make it look pretty darn easy while they’re at it.

Living in an Airstream

According to this happy couple, the best part of being an Airstream family is their ability to keep on traveling—which they did a lot of internationally before their bundle of joy arrived.

And after visiting just over 30 states and putting roughly 40,000 miles behind them over the past two years, Lauren and Daniel absolutely love the nomadic lifestyle this luxury Airstream has afforded their entire family.

Plus, Lauren says another benefit to living, working, and traveling in their Airstream Classic, now that baby Dash has joined them, is that it constantly reminds them to slow down and enjoy the scenery around them.

While the outside of Airstreams are known for being well-built, sleek, and retro-looking, the inside of their 2021 Airstream Classic is pretty memorable too.

When going on a tour of their home, visitors first notice the leather couch, overhead storage cabinets with organizational bins, a large kitchen and dinette area with an adjustable table, pantry and closets, and their functional bathroom.

Other cool features of their 2021 Airstream Classic include four awnings, a ceramic tint from 3M on all the windows, graphics on the exterior, x-shocks to stabilize it, and grey water and black water tanks.

Lastly, they have AC units, skylights, a max air fan with a cover, solar panels, propane tanks, and a wireless antenna that runs three internet systems to maximize their connectivity.

Living in a 2021 Airstream classic with a baby

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