This Southwest Pilot Lives in an Airline Box Truck Conversion

by Simplify

This unconventional box truck conversion tiny home is truly unique. The owner is a pilot for Southwest Airlines. He decided to buy a Southwest Airlines truck and convert it into a camper home.

Southwest Airlines plane

During covid there was no work for pilots, so he had to rethink his lifestyle. He renovated and converted the truck into a home by himself. It took him 7 months to build, and cost about $30,000.

The truck is a provisioning truck. A provisioning truck is unique in that it has a high-lift jack. This means the home can be raised 17 feet in the air which is great for enjoying beautiful views. The ceiling of the truck was extended by 2 feet. The home is eco-friendly with solar panels on the roof, and a filtration system for collecting and cleaning rainwater, converting it to drinking water.

There is a small wood-burning stove for cooking and heating. The bathroom has a composting toilet. A recirculating shower allows him to reuse 55 gallons of shower water for up to 5 weeks. A Telescoping ladder is used to get up to the lofted queen-sized bed. A skylight over the bed allows the owner to fall asleep looking at the stars.

The house was designed to withstand life on the road. There are holes drilled in the shelves to store glasses, and a magnet system keeps kitchen supplies securely stored on the walls. The placement and storage of each item was planned carefully to handle driving.

Airline box truck conversion

This box truck home conversion is a carefully planned and perfectly executed DIY. The owner loves that he can take his home anywhere, but he mostly loves being secluded out in nature. The high-lift jack allows this pilot to truly live up in the air.

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