This Cute School Bus Tiny Home Cost Only $20K to Build

by Simplify

Searching for a fun and affordable alternative housing solution that meets all of your unique wants and needs? Look no further than a school bus tiny home—which can be entirely renovated and retrofitted for roughly $20k.

Heidi, a single woman who completed a school bus home conversion of her own, is willing to show you the process she took one step at a time.

Yellow school bus

Driven by a need to see the whole country before settling down in one area, Heidi decided the best option for her was to convert a school bus to a home on wheels that she could drive anywhere she chose.

And she even went so far as to name her newly completed home Wayfinder the Bus.

Before living in a school bus turned into a home, Heidi says she was caught up in the normal college-then-job cycle, but something was missing from her life, and living in the city meant that she was not exploring nearly as much as she wanted to due to her limited time and budget.

So, she bought a 28-foot school bus that she found for a great price on Facebook Marketplace and got to work.

With dreams of completing her school bus home within one year, Heidi spent about $20k and moved in exactly one year to the day from purchase.

Then, she set off in her school bus tiny home—exploring the country one state at a time. Heidi says she dreams of seeing a lot more of the West coast in her upcoming travels, and she’s happy about bringing her home with her along the journey.

School bus tiny home

Heidi’s school bus tiny home is a 1999 International 3800 school bus that weighs approximately 20,000 pounds. And the custom paint job along with the personalized touches she added definitely gives it that homey feel she was craving.

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To see more videos, check out the Tiny House Giant Journey YouTube channel.

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  • XioDee70 XioDee70 on Dec 27, 2022

    This is awesome 👏. You did a great n amazing job. I wish!!! Good luck on your trips n journey safe

  • Pat Pat on Jan 01, 2023

    Great to do this when you're young!!