Take a Trip to the UK Via Oregon in This Double-Decker Bus Tiny Home

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Today, we’re taking a trip to England… well, not literally. But this double-decker bus tiny home in Portland, Oregon will make you feel like you’ve traveled across the pond to Great Britain.

For owner Whit Scott, his double-decker bus house, the Royal Scott, is a passion project.

Double-decker bus tiny home tour video

The bus started life in 1945 as a commuter bus in Manchester, England, where it ran until the 1980s. Then it moved across the pond and became a tour bus near Mount St. Helens before the engine caught fire.

Someone bought the bus intending to fix it up, but never got around to it, so it found another life as a grilled cheese food truck. Whit left the sign up from the bus’s grilled cheese days in a homage to its past. These days, the bus engine doesn’t work, but if you can climb inside and steer the steering wheel, the tires still move!

The bus house is located in Whit’s backyard, so it’s plugged into the main house’s water and electric systems. He rents the home out on Airbnb and there’s a private patio and outdoor space that the guests can use.

Whit took out the original floor so that guests wouldn’t bump their heads on the low kitchen ceiling, and went with a blue and white theme for the interior. There were parts of the wall that were turned into artwork and paintings during the bus’ days as a grilled cheese food truck. Whit decided to keep those parts of the wall as is and added polyurethane spray to protect the paint.

The bus is dotted with thoughtful touches, such as a cushioned bench, shelves with potted plants, and brass lamps that match the brass faucets.

A blue spiral staircase leads to the second deck of the bus, which is the sleeping space. It has a painted rooftop, with local cedar cover beams.

Double-decker bus tiny home

Whit’s charming double-decker bus tiny home offers guests a fun and quirky trip to the UK- without having to leave the USA.

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