Van Life Safety: 5 Things I Don't Tell You and Why

Dee | Lady Bugout
by Dee | Lady Bugout

If you feel like I've not been telling you everything, you're right – and it’s all about van life safety. Today, I'm revealing you five things I don't tell you and why. Read on for valuable solo female van life safety tips.

1. I don’t tell you where I am

If I do tell you where I am, I know that by the time I do tell you it’s because I’ll be long gone. No one should be letting anyone know where they are in real-time. I think anyone on social media knows that by now.

Even though I’m extremely careful about that, there have been times when I’m at meet-ups or events, or on live streams that make it obvious where I am. I don't do that anymore and here’s why. I saw another content creator friend of mine regret this. She posted on her channel about this subject and it prompted me to say something about it.

I have had a stalker situation and only family and close friends knew about it. Fortunately, my dad is a police officer and was able to notify the appropriate authorities and get the situation handled right away.

This is why I haven’t been to any events or meet-ups for a while. Everything is settled now, I’m safe, but I wanted to say something so you can understand. I also want to say that 99.9 percent of people out there are great humans and people really do look out for one another, especially on the road.

2. I don’t tell you when I’m alone

I do love my solitude and often, I’m off somewhere alone. But oftentimes I am with a group of people I’m traveling with. I also have a few people who know my exact location at all times so even when I’m alone, I’m never really alone.

3. I don’t tell you personal details

I’m actually a very private person so I will rarely talk about personal details about my life that have nothing to do with van life. My content is for people who may be mildly interested in van life, who may be in the same season of life as I am, or who may be on the road in some way, shape, or form full-time or part-time.

I just want people to come to my content for good ideas and add insight into this type of lifestyle.

Van against sunset

4. I don’t tell you my favorite places

I think it’s more fun if you can go and discover your own favorite places. It makes it more adventurous when you can stumble across something that you feel you’re discovering for the first time.

If I find something pristine and magical, I really don’t want others to find out where it is.

I sometimes give general locations but I keep specifics to a minimum so the areas can be little hideaways.

5. I don’t tell you my opinions on certain topics

I also largely keep my opinions to myself. That stems from the fact that I’m a private person and I’m focusing my work on talking about van life, not on general topics. There are appropriate forums for debates and discussions about controversial subjects but my channel and content are not for that.

Van life safety

As you see now, this is why I focus on new ideas and real solutions for van life safety and life on the road. I hope this gives you more insight into why I don’t share more about myself. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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  • Michelle Michelle on Apr 24, 2024
    Very good advise for safety. Too many people share too much information.
  • Pat Pat on Apr 24, 2024
    I was a lone traveler for several years before age and health forced me to give it up. One of my favorite tricks was placing an empty 45 shell box just inside the window where it could be seen from outside. Also, if I was in an iffy park I would post something like, "darn, I just knocked that box of 45 shells all over the floor. I'll never get them cleaned up." Guess it worked, I never had any problems.