Why This Couple Has Chosen Vanlife For Retirement

by Simplify

A vanlife retirement isn’t for everyone, surely. But for those who dream of constant travel in retirement, it’s one of the most affordable and common sense options out there—far cheaper, in most cases, then flying or cruising around the world. For Linda and Bill, it was exactly what they needed in order to hit the road and leave dusty trails behind them.

Here's the tour by Tiny Home Tours:

Named Grace, Linda and Bill’s van makes the perfect home on wheels. After retiring, and while liquidating everything they owned, Linda and Bill completed this custom-build job with one central goal in mind: having everything their house had just in a tiny form. After all, retirement travel should be comfortable and not make you feel like you’re missing out on anything.

So they built a tiny kitchen with a glass tile backsplash, a sink with a large movable faucet, and cabinetry designed to house their cookware, dry goods, linens, and cleansers. Getting inspiration from others online, they also installed a large stove that runs on propane, so they can continue to cook and bake all their favorite snacks and meals.

Traveling in a van home

Traveling during retirement in a modded-out van didn’t just happen one day, of course. It took the couple many serious discussions and lots of planning to make it work. And they decided that the best idea for them was to travel for two to three years and then settle down somewhere new.

By watching plenty of YouTube videos on the subject, Linda and Bill decided to go with a large living area with wrap-around bench seating that turns into a bed. They also installed a standup shower, wood-paneled ceilings, a compostable toilet, turn-around captains chairs, and black-out curtains.

After crossing many borders and seeing much of Central and South America, vanlife retirement has never looked so good.

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