10 Easy Ways to Make Traveling in an RV Even More Fun

by Five2Go

Do you want to know how to make the most of RVing? We have RV advice for beginners to help you have fun. These tips will put the fun back in RVing. Let’s go!

1. Follow rules

Depending on where you are, you may still need to wear masks and social distance. Some places still follow the CDC rules for safety.

If you’re going to another state to RV, research to see what the rules are in that particular area so you can prepare by bringing masks, for example.

2. Take people with you who’ve never camped before

Take new guests on the road who have never RV’d or camped out before. Not everyone has RV’d before. Take people with you who think RVing is silly or who don’t understand the concept. People have a lot of misunderstandings about RVing.

3. Go RVing with other RVers

It is so fun to RV with other RVers. Plan a weekend, park next to each other, plan your meals together, and it will be an awesome time. You can trade off cooking and take kids along to play with each other. It’s a great fun and social experience.

4. Visit friends and family with your RV

There are campgrounds all over the country. And it’s especially great if you visit someone who doesn’t have space for you and your family because you brought your home with you.

Traveling in an RV

5. Talk to your RV neighbors

You have something in common with your RV neighbors. Especially if you have kids camping with you, they are a phenomenal icebreaker.

There’s always something to talk about with your RV neighbors. Break the ice by talking about any fun RV gadgets you’ve discovered, or you see that your neighbor has, for example.

6. Check out the campground’s event calendar

A lot of campgrounds have clubhouses, pools, tennis courts, and event calendars.

Campgrounds will have things to do for all age groups, from kids to seniors, including s’more parties, bingo, and other social events. It’s a great way to have fellowship with new people and have some fun.

7. Be prepared before your trip

Know how your RV works and things you’ll need along the way to make it a successful trip.

Take a quick shake-down trip to a nearby campground where you can work out some kinks, like having hoses that are long enough, run slides in and out, and run your stabilizers up and down, for example.

Camping in a tent with your RV

Choose a close campground so you can run back to your house if you forgot something. If your RV is towable, make sure you know how to hook and unhook it. Do this all before you take a two-week out-of-state trip.

Camp for a night or two in your driveway. It’s a great way to run everything out, hook up water, and make sure everything works. Though you may have done all this when you had the pre-delivery inspection, actually spending time in the RV is a different experience.

Another huge RV preparation tip: Be prepared when planning your routes. Get a satellite view or street view to look at corners so you spot overhangs and other obstacles before you get there so you can have a plan around them.

8. Don’t drive for hours

Don’t try driving your RV 12, 14, or 16 hours in one day. It’s not like driving a car on a long road trip. It’s very different. And because you’re bringing your home with you, there’s no need to rush to find a hotel. It’s better to break up long drive days.

If you can’t find a campground, stay at Walmart, Cabela, or Cracker Barrel parking lot. Sometimes Dick’s Sporting Goods or Camping World has spots open for overnight RVs.

Some rest stops may also accommodate overnight RVs. Call any of these places first to ask. It’s a great way to break up a long drive.

Preparing food outside an RV

9. Try doing new things

We don’t cook outside nearly as much as we should. But, I got a new 22-inch dual-burner Blackstone with a lid and legs for Christmas, so we’ve been cooking outside more recently, at least twice a week. Talk to your neighbors when you cook outside, too!

Another new thing to try is new foods. If you are traveling to a new spot, go to the local grocery store and buy what’s local and regional. Or, if you’re RVing in a totally different environment than you’re used to, like a coastal area with tons of different seafood, indulge!

10. Check out a caravan

If you’re planning a big trip somewhere new, like Mexico or Alaska, there’s usually a caravan you can join so you’re not traveling alone and trying to navigate new areas by yourself. You can join up with a caravan on the route, too.

Ways to make RVing more fun

Let us know if these tips offer you any new insights on what you should do when RVing to make it more fun.

Were there any surprises here? Have you tried any of these tips? If so, how did it go, share with us in the comments.

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