Want to Save the Summer's Peaches? Try This Easy Peach Canning Recipe

Canning peaches is second nature to Southerners. I love peaches, and canning them makes the summer bounty last much longer. My peach canning recipe is a tried and true recipe that's easy to make.

1. Wash the peaches

The first step to canning peaches is to wash them. After you wash your peaches, get a big pot and fill it with water. You're going to start getting ready for the blanching process.

Boiling and blanching the peaches

2. Boil and blanch

Begin boiling the water. Once the water is boiling, you will start dropping your peaches into the water. Add them in small batches, a little at a time, so you're not overwhelmed and trying to hurry to get them all out. 

Boil each batch for 1 minute. While they're boiling, quickly get your ice water ready. I put mine in the sink. 

Placing the blanched peaches in ice water

3. Ice water bath 

You'll want to take them out after the 1-minute mark, then take them over to the ice water bath and dump them in the ice water. Let them sit in the water for about 30 seconds. The skin will fall right off. 

4. Seed the peaches

The next step is to remove the seed from each peach by slicing the peaches. Cut them in any shape you want. I cut them whichever way I need to to get the seed out. It doesn't matter. If you see any bad spots, just cut them away.

Treating the peaches with Ball Fruit-Fresh

5. Treat with Ball Fruit-Fresh

Once you've cut all your peaches and pulled all the seeds out, you're going to need Ball Fruit-Fresh. Measure three tablespoons into a bowl and mix it with two quarts of water. Then pour the mixture all over your peaches. 

Make sure they're submerged. It keeps the peaches from getting dark and rotten. Keep them in this solution until you're ready to can. 

6. Prepare the canner

While they're soaking, prepare your canner by filling it with water and adding a splash of vinegar. Put the lid on to help it get to boiling. After you fill up your canner with water and the water is heating, wash your jars like always.

After washing, put them in the canner so they can heat up and sanitize. Put about an inch to two inches of water in each of the Ball jars, put them on the rack, put the lid on, and they will sanitize in there as it boils. 

7. Prepare the simple syrup

Next, you'll need to prepare the simple syrup for your peaches. I like to make light syrup. I want a light syrup because you can still taste the 

fresh peaches instead of just a lot of sugar.

Place 5¼ cups water and 2¼ cups sugar in a large pot for the light syrup. Whisk well to mix. Bring it to a boil. 

8. Prepare the canning tools

After it comes to a boil, that's when we're going to start canning up the peaches. While everything's getting hot, you're going to get everything 

ready. Prepare your lids, rings, and a chopstick for removing bubbles. 

Also, get a little bowl of vinegar, a clean cloth to use with the vinegar, a funnel, and a Ball grabber. Once the jars are sanitized, take them out and set them on a counter. Remember, in our water bath canner; you can pour the water from the jars back into the canner.  

9. Fill the jars

Next, you need to fill the mason jars. Stuff peaches into your jars the best way that you can. Sometimes peach halves don't like to fit in the regular mouth jars, so I have to cut them to fit. 

Keep repeating this process until it's time to put the simple syrup into each jar.

Adding syrup to the canned peaches

10. Add simple syrup

Start adding the hot simple syrup into each jar, leaving a half-inch headspace, pushing down with the chopstick to remove any bubbles as you go, so you can get all the liquid in there that you need. Remember to wipe the rims with white vinegar to ensure a good seal.  

Putting jars in the canner

11. Add jars to the canner

Add the jars to the canner. When I process the pint jars with peaches for 25 minutes, it's 30 minutes per quart. 

12. Remove the jars

Remember to open the canner lid away from your face, so you don't get steam in your face. You're going to slowly take each jar out with the Ball grabber, take the rack up, set them on a towel, and don't touch them for at least twelve to 24 hours. 

Peach canning

Peach canning recipe

That's it. I hope I've inspired you with my lesson on how to can peaches. Canning peaches is super simple. Canning your own fresh peaches tastes so much better than store-bought. You'll enjoy them long after the season is over.

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    Gong to try this thank you!

  • Sharon Sharon on Sep 07, 2022

    Thank you for the recipe. I always canned peaches but they never looked right after they were canned. The fruit looked mushy and the fruit floated to the top.


    • Gerald Davis Gerald Davis on Sep 07, 2022

      The only thing I can think of is maybe your peaches were too ripe and during the canning process they were over cooked. Instead of fruit fresh I just add 1/4 cup of lemon juice to the bowl of water I put the sliced peaches or pears in while I peel and slice the peaches. Kathy Davis