40 Free and Fun Activities for Kids at Home

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If you need something new to keep the kids busy here are 40 free and fun activities for kids at home.

Mom, I’m bored! If you hear this a little too frequently from your elementary school-aged kids, you might be looking for something new to keep them busy. Finding fun things to do when you’re at home doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. The truth is that there is lots to do if you know where to look. From puzzles to obstacle courses, learning activities to game days, we have lots of fun ideas to get you started.

40 Free and Fun Activities for Kids at Home

Wondering what to do today? If you’re trying to cut back on screen time and keep your kids occupied, there is lots to do even at home! Keeping busy is easier than you think and nearly every thing on our list is free or costs just a few dollars. Not crafty or creative? No worries! This list is simple and doesn’t take much other than time and a few games or toys you already have around the house.

We think that you’ll love this fun new list of activities for kids at home that your family can do together. Need more ideas? Don’t miss our bucket list of activities for kids.

  1. Puzzles – You can never go wrong with a few good puzzles. Be sure to choose puzzles with the right amount of pieces to make it a bit of a challenge without making it too hard for your children. Choose minimum of 24 pieces and up to 1000 pieces depending on your child’s age. Don’t have enough puzzles of your own to keep busy? Borrow them from friends or check them out from a local library. These can also be a fun and affordable find to look for at thrift stores.
  2. Play Memory or Matching Games – Playing Memory and other matching games can help kids strengthen their memory skills and can easily pass the time. There are lots of different versions of this game! Don’t have a Memory game at home? Pick up a cheap one from Amazon here or look for free printable versions online.
  3. Color by Number Coloring by number is always fun. Let your children use crayons, markers, or colored pencils to color beautiful images while following the directions! This is is a fun way to practice number skills for early learners and there are even math color by numbers for bigger kids.
  4. Paint by Number – Not only is coloring by number fun, but so is painting by number. If you believe your children can do this with no problem, set them up with the paint and several coloring pages.
  5. Free Learning Printables – Keep learning going on outside the classroom and look online for some fun and free learning printables. If you print them from your computer, you can use them to help educate your children while keeping them entertained and engaged in the lesson. Check out our full selection of free coloring pages, printable games and educational worksheets here.
  6. Look for Rocks – Take a walk and go on the search to find different rocks. You can collect rocks with the kids and bring them home. Want to make your rocks sparkle? Try rock tumbling for a fun and educational hobby. Learn more about rock tumbling with kids.
  7. Rock Painting – Want to make your rock collection even more colorful and fun? Let the kids cover them with different colors. They can use their creative side to add images and special designs to the rocks to make them look even better. We love these galaxy rocks.
  8. Blow Bubbles – Blowing bubbles is always lots of fun, and it is affordable entertainment too! Don’t miss our 9 fun ways to play with bubbles.
  9. Decorate the Walk with Sidewalk Chalk – Keep the kids busy for hours with these fun sidewalk chalk play ideas. Don’t have sidewalk chalk at home? We love these easy DIY recipes!
  10. Play with PlaydohPlay-doh is always a fun play and sensory experience. Kids can mold it into different shapes and use cookie cutters to create even more with their dough. Don’t miss our favorite DIY Play Doh recipe here.
  11. Sticker Painting – Did you know that you can “paint” with stickers? Use these colorful stickers to create another design. If you have a lot of stickers, let your children go to town with the sticker painting. It’s a fun way to make a creative picture without making a mess. We love these fun sticker painting books.
  12. Canvas Painting – Do you have some blank canvases at home? If so, let the kids paint images on them using any paint that you have at home. You can supply the kids with brushes, sponges, and other items to use with the paint. Don’t have canvas on hand? Pick them up at an affordable price at your local craft store.
  13. Jump Rope – Encourage your children to get active by supplying them with a jump rope. See who can jump the most rope in a specific period, practice double dutch and create your own jump rope games.
  14. Board Games – Break out the cards or a board game for lots of family fun!You may have some at home already, such as Clue, Monopoly, and even Candyland.
  15. Card Games – Have some fun with card games. You might already have a few of these games at home, such as Go Fish!
  16. Sensory Bucket – Create a sensory bucket using sand, plastic dinosaurs, and other items. Let the kids dig through the sensory bucket to see what they can find. It’s good for their fine motor skills! We love these fun sensory ideas with ice and water.
  17. Crossword Puzzles – Have fun testing skills with crossword puzzles. You can print lots of kid-friendly crossword puzzles at home. They are a great way to practice language and reading skills.
  18. Checkers – You can’t go wrong with a traditional game of checkers. See who can win a few rounds of the relaxing yet fun game. Need a little more challenge? Teach your kids how to play Chinese checkers.
  19. Homemade Obstacle Course – Make an obstacle course at home using different items, such as plastic rings, pool noodles, and more. The children will love it.
  20. Play Hide and Seek – Enjoy a fun game of hide and seek. Take turns to determine who will hide and who will seek.
  21. Bicycle Riding – Go for bike rides! It’s a great way to get some exercise on a beautiful day when the weather permits. Be sure to figure out where to ride the bikes before you head out on the journey. Read these great reasons to ride bikes this summer.
  22. Nature Walk – Take the children out for a nature walk. Look for different trails in your area that are worth hiking on to see what you can find.
  23. Movie Night – Movie nights can be fun all year long, but in the warmer months, why not take the fun outdoors. Movie your TV out to the yard or deck, or consider investing in a projector and inflatable screen to make a drive-in right at home.
  24. Take a Trip to the Playground – Head over to the playground for some fun. Let the kids swing, go down the slide, climb, and let loose! It’s a great way for them to wear themselves out. Bring a Frisbee, a ball or some other toys to play together while you are there.
  25. Make Paper Dolls – Get crafty and make paper dolls! You can draw them beforehand to trace the shape of the doll before you cut it out.
  26. Plant Flowers – Have the kids lend a helping hand in the garden by planting different flowers. They can dig in the soil, plant seeds, and keep an eye on it as it grows. Find out how to make a recycled container herb garden with your kids.
  27. Make S’mores – Whether you make them over a campfire, on a fire pit in your own backyard or even just over the stove, s’mores are a fun summer dessert to make together. Be sure to check out these s’mores recipes that all ages will enjoy.
  28. Stargazing – Checking out the stars on a clear summer night is the perfect peaceful way to learn more about the universe. Find some fun books about constellations on Amazon here.
  29. Puppet Show – Encourage the children to put on a fun puppet show. It’s a fun way to spend the day inside when it’s raining or snowing outside.
  30. Memory Box – Have the kids make a memory box that they can look back on at a later time. It should include a list of their current favorite things, such as favorite food, favorite color, and favorite song.
  31. Balloon Volleyball – Play a fun game of balloon volleyball. The kids can hit the ball back and forth without worrying about breaking a window in the process. It’s a fun game that can quickly get competitive!
  32. Listen to an Audio Book – Put on a relaxing audiobook for the kids to listen to. Make sure you’re choosing a good book that will keep them engaged.
  33. Have a Picnic – Mix up your menu by having lunch, dinner or even breakfast outdoors as part of a picnic. Grab a picnic basket, a picnic blanket and whatever fun treats your family desires. Don’t miss these fun family picnic ideas.
  34. Dance to Music – Fire up your favorite play list on Spotify or Amazon Music and dance your worries away!
  35. Hula Hooping – Teach your children how to use a hula hoop and then have a hula hooping competition. It’s a fun exercise! Don’t be surprised if you lose track of the time while having fun with the hula hoop.
  36. Bake Something – Get the kids to help you bake something! It all depends on what you want to make, such as cookies, cupcakes, or a delicious cake. Be sure to visit our kid-friendly recipes here.
  37. Scavenger Hunt – Scavenger hunts can keep your kids busy and moving. Check out our scavenger hunts here.
  38. Play Trampoline Games – Have a trampoline? Play these fun trampoline games together.
  39. Fly a Kite – Fun and affordable, grab a kite on a windy day and see what takes flight!
  40. Send Away for Free Stuff by Mail – Getting mail when you’re a kid is lots of fun. Help your kids send away for the long list of freebies in our post here.

These 40 activities for kids at home will keep your children busy when they’re not in school. Looking for more ideas? Check out these kids and family activities.

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