6 Budget Gift Basket Ideas For the Festive Season

Today we’re here to share with you six budget gift basket ideas for anyone who may be on your Christmas list. We have some gift ideas for couples, parents, in-laws, kids, him, her - you name it! These DIY gift baskets are perfect for anyone on a budget who still wants to give a beautiful gift.

Let's go ahead and jump into the gift ideas.

Male self-care-inspired DIY gift basket

1. Male self-care-inspired DIY gift basket 

The first gift basket idea is going to be male-inspired. I got a basket from Dollar Tree and spray-painted it black to give it a more masculine feel. Spray paint is optional. 

First, I'm going to include a pair of beer-print novelty socks that I purchased from Dollar Tree. I am then going to add an ear and nose trimmer. It does not include batteries, but Dollar Tree does sell batteries, so that wouldn't be a bad idea to put in this basket.

Also, I'm going to include chocolate, which I also got from Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree carries a men's skincare line which I think is amazing. I picked up a few items from that line and some men's soap. 

To add to the self-care kit is hand sanitizer. This is an amazing and budget-friendly gift idea for any man in your life. 

Budget gift basket for a couple

2. Budget gift basket for a couple

I bought a bucket from Dollar Tree. This basket is geared towards couples, like your parents, your inlaws, etc. 

I'm going to include a blanket. You can get a blanket for $10 or so. This also acts as a good filler. I'm just going to stuff it in the bucket and I'm going to include a candle. You can use any candle of your choice. I'm going to include some sweet treats. I got peppermint popcorn from Dollar Tree. So I'm just going to include that towards the back of the bucket.  

I’m also adding another treat. Dollar Tree sells something called brownie brittle. It's a family favorite. 

I like this gift basket idea for a couple so that you don't have to buy each person something especially if you're not too sure what to get them. This is very nice and thoughtful. 

Family-themed movie night DIY gift basket

3. Family-themed movie night DIY gift basket

The next gift basket idea is for families. It can be overwhelming trying to include everyone or buying individual gifts. I love this idea and it's very budget-friendly. You can buy reusable cute little popcorn boxes at Dollar Tree. This basket is for a family of four. Adjust as needed. 

You can’t have a family movie night without popcorn, so I'm going to include popcorn that I got at Dollar Tree, and place that on the top of the popcorn boxes. In front of the popcorn, I’m going to add movie theater boxed candy which I got from Dollar Tree. Try to choose the family's favorite candy. 

Next in this movie-themed basket is a family-friendly DVD. You can buy DVDs for anywhere from $5-$10 at Walmart. 

Frozen-themed DIY Christmas gift basket

4. Frozen-themed DIY Christmas gift basket 

Next up is a Frozen-inspired gift basket idea I'm going to give to my 

five-year-old cousin who loves Frozen. Most of the items are from Dollar Tree. I'm starting with a bin that I picked up from Dollar Tree. I added a four-piece velvet art poster set. 

I found a Frozen hoodie and legging set for $12 at Marshalls set, perfect for wintertime. I also found a Frozen lip gloss and cosmetics at Marshalls. I picked up Frozen hair clips and Frozen hair ties from Dollar Tree. I added a two-pack of Frozen chapstick. 

Also at Dollar Tree, I picked up some of her favorite treats like gummy bears and some hot chocolate, and little chocolates. I love how this gift basket turned out. It's very personalized and mainly a Frozen-theme gift basket on a budget. 

Gift basket for an older girl

5. Gift basket for an older girl

Because I have a lot of cousins to buy for the next gift basket will also be for kids. 

This gift basket is for my 12-year-old cousin. You can get a variety of styles for dry-erase boards, which are perfect for her to customize the message and hang on their door. She loves playing with slime, so I got a slime kit for the basket. I also picked up air-dry modeling foam from Dollar Tree.

Just like her sister, she loves gummy bears. She also loves black licorice, so I picked up a pack for her. I included a hot chocolate pack for her and then a popping toy. I added some Play-Doh-like modeling compounds from Dollar Tree. They have pastels, vibrant colors, and also different molds. 

Beauty-themed DIY gift basket

6. Beauty-themed DIY gift basket

This next gift basket idea is perfect for any beauty or makeup lover. This is for my 18-year-old cousin. I got a gold wire basket from Dollar Tree in the event section. I'm going to layer it with gold tissue paper.

I purchased face masks from Dollar Tree. Now, I'm going to include an eyelash curler from their makeup section. I got an e.l.f. Shape & Stay brow pencil. I also got Wet n Wild lash and brow mascara. It is a really good brand and works wonders. I love the Sassy +Chic false eyelash extension applicator so I included it in the basket. 

I got two false eyelash sets from Dollar Tree and makeup brushes. I included my favorite lash glue. Another item is an adorable makeup sponge blender from Dollar Tree. I love that it has a case for it, so I think this is perfect to add to her gift. 

Budget gift basket ideas

DIY gift baskets are as much fun to make as they are to open! I hope you found my budget gift basket ideas helpful and that you got some inspiration for great gifts on a budget. With creativity and Dollar Tree and discount store finds, you can make thoughtful, personalized gifts for everyone on your list.

Let us know in the comment section which gift basket you will be making this Christmas. We love to hear from you.

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  • Carol de la Fuente Carol de la Fuente on Oct 27, 2022

    Great ideas!!! Very inspiring!!!

  • Linda Wagner Linda Wagner on Oct 30, 2022

    I have a big expanding family and will be using this idea I most. I have done baskets before with baked mini bread and jelly, and ones with homemade cookies but use some of these ideas for the younger couples. Hats and gloves are good too especially for th little ones.