Try Out These Brilliant Dollar Tree & DIY Christmas Hacks

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We all tend to spend a ton of money and time decorating our house for Christmas. Kathryn from Do It On A Dime YouTube channel shares her simple and affordable Christmas hacks. Let’s dive in!

To begin, Kathryn describes a couple of easy DIY Christmas decorations. The first one is a gnome made of a broom handle, clear plate, and tablecloth that you can get at Dollar Store. With just $3 each, you can create cute gnome decorations for your lawn.

Another one is an elegant decoration for your front door, based on trellises from the garden section, covered with vines. Kathryn went to the Hobby store and got giant candies and snowflakes and added them to the decoration to make it even more festive and whimsical.

A more affordable option for your front porch is to wrap long garlands around columns and twist on solar lights from Dollar Store using garland ties.

Decorating a Christmas tree

Kathryn offers a Christmas tree hack, as well. She weaves one ribbon around her tree, and then layers in her berry picks.

She typically chooses a color scheme that consists of three colors: this year they are gold, red and white. Kathryn says layering is the key to a high-end look on a budget.

Finally, Kathryn shares an amazing idea she has incorporated into her own house - a hot cocoa bar. She clears off a little table and sets a hot cocoa station, with candy canes, marshmallows, cotton candy, and popcorn drizzled with chocolate and peppermint.

Decorating the station with the entire family, and then enjoying the results, can be an incredible Christmas memory to look back on.

DIY Christmas hacks

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To see more videos, check out the Do It On A Dime YouTube channel.

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  • Gbe69776730 Gbe69776730 on Dec 23, 2022

    I have used plastic ornaments on the tree for past 12 years since becoming a grandma . They look just fine and I don't care if some balls get knocked/pulled off the tree. Best part when taking the tree down is tossing the ornaments in a large zip lock bag or box after xmas for storage.