How to Declutter Before Christmas For Peaceful, Clutter-Free Holidays

by Simplify

Christmas season might be a bit stressful, but according to The Minimal Mom, it is also the perfect time to declutter. She lists five things that you should declutter before Christmas in order to help others and have a more peaceful and clutter-free Christmas yourself.

1. Winter gear. As human beings, we sometimes struggle to let things go because having them gives us a sense of security, so The Minimal Mom suggests asking yourselves: can I easily replace these things if I need them? If the answer is yes, perhaps it is time to donate your unused items. There are definitely people who could use winter gear right now.

2. Food that is close to expiring or food that you are not using. To help with this loss of security, The Minimal Mom has a container in which she stores unused food, so the amount of it is limited by the size of the container.

3. Kids’ toys. Christmas is a great time to declutter toys, as new toys are about to come in.

The Minimal Mom says that kids today are drowning in stuff and what they need is time with you, so instead of focusing on material gifts, she recommends making Christmas the time for traditions and making memories. With kids less attached to toys, it will be easier to declutter them.

Declutter before Christmas

4. Holiday decor. The tip here is to decorate your house first and then declutter Christmas decorations that you decided not to use for some reason. Things that you keep for sentimental reasons should be stored separately from the rest.

5. Stuff to sell: electronics and appliances. Some people look for used items for gifts, so your Christmas decluttering might be a great time to sell your unused gadgets.

Declutter before Christmas

Here are the five things that The Minimal Mom recommends decluttering before Christmas. Anything you would add to the list?

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